Blockchain Investor Panel (Index Ventures, Accel Partners, Bitcoin Capital), Blockchain Conference


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Session: Blockchain Investor Panel (Index Ventures, Accel Partners, Bitcoin Capital, Techstars).
Speakers: (i) Ophelia Brown, Investor, Index Ventures, (ii) Michiel Kotting, Partner, Accel Partners, (iii) Simon Dixon, Fund Manager, Bitcoin Capital, (iv) Jess Williamson, Program Manager, Techstars.
Event: London Blockchain Conference 2015.

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Richard Kastelein is the Founder, Publisher and Editor in Chief of industry leading online publication, Blockchain News, co-founder and director at education company Blockchain Partners and partner of token design and ICO marketing company CryptoAlchemy.

As a prominent keynote presenter, Kastelein has spoken on Blockchain at events in Gdansk, Amsterdam, Minsk, Dubai, Antwerp, Eindhoven, Bucharest, Munich, Nairobi, Tel Aviv, Manchester, Brussels, Barcelona etc, where he helped spread the cause for Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency and, consequently, has built a notable network in the scene.

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