Crypti Foundation Open Sources Core Client and Announces Bug Bounty Program


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The Crypti Foundation, the team behind the next generation crypto-currency Crypti, today announced the immediate release of the core client source code under an open source MIT license.

Implementing its own variant of the DPoS (Delegated Proof-of-Stake) consensus model, which calls upon 101 democratically elected delegates to secure its blockchain. The Node.js based crypto-currency, which until now was developed within a closed source environment, was today open sourced to the crypto-currency community.

To mark the release, the Crypti Foundation also announced a lucrative bug bounty program, aimed at encouraging a thorough analysis of the source code by industry professionals.

Bug bounties will be paid out to successful claimants in the form of Crypti (XCR), the network’s own crypto-currency.

The Crypti Foundation’s Community Manager, Max Kordek said: “Throughout the past year, we have listened to the many opinions voiced within the community, which have often made repeated calls for us to finally open the source.”

Kordek added:

“Speaking on behalf of the Crypti Foundation. Opening the source code of Crypti has always been one of our main objectives. As we strongly believe, Crypti should strive to become the most decentralized and thus democratic crypto-currency on the planet.”

Kordek further added:

“Todays open source release represents our latest version (0.3.2), currently in operation on the main net. Which thanks to numerous performance improvements, runs magnificently on machines with as little as 128 megabytes of RAM.”

Kordek finally added:

“Our forthcoming 0.5.0 release which is set to feature our hugely anticipated decentralized application (dapp) platform. Will also be released as open source, once we have completed our ongoing open beta testing period.”

The source code is available for immediate review on the GitHub repository hosting service (username: crypti / repository: crypti-sources).

Bug Bounty Program

All bugs must be reported by raising an issue on the GitHub repository: crypti-sources.

Bug finders are required to substantiate their claim against a bounty, by providing evidence in the form of a log file, stack trace, video, screenshot or detailed description. Throughout the duration of the program, bugs reported will be assigned a severity level by Boris Povod, the crypto-currency’s lead developer.

Bug bounties are awarded on a first come, first served basis. If a bounty for a specific bug has already been awarded. The bug finder will not be eligible for any reward.

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