Avanquest Software Rolls Out AQ Rewards App Powered by Blockchain Technology


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Avanquest Software has just released the AQ Rewards app based on Blockchain technology and, they claim, reinvents how rewards are sent and received by instantly rewarding users with a digital currency.

AQ Rewards is a free Android application that rewards users with Bytecent  for trying out new applications, filling out surveys, and other activities. Users can convert their Bytecent into gift cards, and unlike other rewards programs, Bytecent can also be traded on the popular Bittrex  trading platform for Bitcoin and fiat currencies.

AQ Rewards takes advantage of the speed, flexibility, and security of Blockchain technology by using the Bytecent platform to distribute rewards to users. Users are immediately rewarded with Bytecent by giving out the digital currency as a reward. AQ Rewards bridges the gap between digital currency enthusiasts and mainstream consumers. AQ Rewards serves as an example of a real world implementation of Blockchain technology while introducing a new audience to the concept of digital currencies.

The AQ Rewards app is currently available on Android, and Avanquest plans further development of AQ Rewards on other platforms.


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