Spanish Bank BBVA joins Hyperledger Project




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The bank joins American Express, the Bank of England, SAP, Wells Fargo and Thomson Reuters.

According to a report at Banking Tech, BBVA is already a member of R3, which is also participating in Hyperledger, and of the Ethereum Enterprise Alliance, which supports the creation of blockchain standards.

Carlos Kuchkovsky, new digital business CTO, BBVA, says Hyperledger “will be fundamental to ensuring standardisation and interoperability in the different technologies and platforms”.

The agreement with Hyperledger will allow BBVA to share code, knowledge and experiences with the open-source communities, access to Hyperledger engineers’ support and the organisation’s projects, as well as possible partnerships with other members.

BBVA will have two representatives in Hyperledger.

By joining Hyperledger, BBVA also becomes a member of the Linux Foundation.

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