Blockchain App Puts An End To Medical Records Being Held To Ransom


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As medical records across England’s National Health Service were locked down and held to ransom following Friday’s wide scale cyber attack, leading Blockchain startup, Patientory is urging citizens around the globe to unlock their health data with Blockchain.

Patientory‘s advanced healthcare app that lets users create a patient profile to keep track of their health history. The free to use app provides patients with an easy and hassle free way of tracking doctor visits, medical bills, personal medical information, insurance, immunizations and pharmacy medications. Furthermore, it removes the possibility of having this data held to ransom by cyber criminals.

Rather than having one central administrator that acts as a gatekeeper to data—there’s one shared ledger, spread across a network of synchronized, replicated databases visible to anyone with the authorized access, providing unprecedented security benefits. Its virtually impossible for a cyber criminal to hack one block in the chain without simultaneously hacking every other block in the chain’s chronology, making the Blockchain incredibly appealing to not only store a patient’s entire health history, but determining who should have access to it.

Medical information can be worth ten times more than credit card numbers on the deep web. Fraudsters can use this data to create fake IDs to buy medical equipment or drugs, or combine a patient number with a false provider number and file fictional claims with insurers, with Patientory’s app, when administered and implemented correctly, there is zero possibility that any unauthorized access to patient data can be gained.


In addition, Patientory’s use of Blockchain technology helps affiliated healthcare organizations achieve minimal data breaches. It achieves HIPAA Security Rules by maintaining a security compliance team, protecting relevant electronic systems and using encryption to control data access.

Considering that there is technology like Patientory’s already available for citizen’s to ‘own’ and ‘control’ their medical records, Patientory founder & CEO Chrissa McFarlane “urges the government to get behind a Blockchain-enabled national IT health system and at the same time help to remove legal obstacles in the movement of data amongst providers.”

McFarlane continued:

“It’s incomprehensible and frustrating that people’s lives were endangered on Friday especially when there is technology like ours out there. How much longer are we, as citizens prepared to let the government control our data and not have the necessary security controls in place.”

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