Welcome to Blockchain News, founded in 2015 with the goal of educating and informing those curious about Blockchain.

Our goal is to publish useful news articles, interviews, and other bits of information that help you better understand the emerging world of Blockchain. This project was born of the desire to create an online repository and community for news and opinion about Blockchain technology and theory. You can see more about who we are here and how to contact us here.

We share stories about new start-ups and projects the Blockchain community is working on as well as moves by incumbents to embrace the new technology to better their own products.

The forming of this website served to fill in the void of any existing online publications that focus solely on Blockchain and are not Bitcoin-centric. In 2017, Blockchain News merged with Token Report, a financial data service covering cryptocurrency.

We write about Blockchain because we think it’s a fascinating technology for the following reasons.

Since humans began to tame nature, domesticate animals and farm, centralization has been a competitive advantage over the past 10,000 years.

Cultures that formed centralised governance were able to develop more advanced technology, accumulate more resources and rapidly grow their populations.  But all was not perfect and as our centralised societies began to grow and mature negative traits began to appear, cracks and abuses such as corruption, inequality, preservation of the status quo and the prostitution of power.

The roots of the web are all about decentralization and freedom… the freedom to learn and the freedom to communicate.  But over the last decade, decentralisation has been eroded by a few small companies controlling large swaths of the data and traffic online.  And we are back to where we started – with a lack of transparency and control over these organizations. This reveals the negative aspects of centralization once again: mass manipulation, corporate control, surveillance, security issues via data theft and propaganda.

Blockchains promise a new future. Internet applications (DAPPS) can now be built with a decentralized architecture, where no single party has absolute power and control. The public nature of the Blockchain guarantees transparency over how applications work and leaves an irrefutable record of activities, providing strong incentives for honest behavior. Bitcoin the currency was the first such application, initiating a new paradigm to the web. But the underlying technology, Blockchain has implications that reach far beyond cryptocurrency.

People are now looking at the Blockchain as an infrastructure for more than monetary transactions. Just as Bitcoin makes certain financial intermediaries unnecessary, new innovations on the Blockchain remove the need for gatekeepers from other processes. The key takeaway is that the Blockchain could support not only cryptocurrencies but also other financial instruments like equity, securities and derivatives; smart contracts and smart property; new voting systems; identity and reputation systems; distributed databases; and even the management of assets and resources like energy and water. Because of the way it distributes consensus, it routes around many of the challenges that typically arise with distributed forms of organisation– issues such as how to cooperate, scale and collectively invest in shared resources and infrastructures.

And we think it can change the world in many ways – for the better. See here.