Benedikt Herudek – Freelance Computer Architect


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    Benedikt Herudek is a freelance computer architect based in the Netherlands. He’s a Business Consultant for large software vendors with a focus on CRM and Integration Platforms.

    Herudek’s educational background is in Formal Logic and Analytical Philosophy of Language. Professionally, he works with large enterprises, often integrating different applications. Personally, he is interested in macro economic and political questions. These pillars shape his outlook on Bitcoin and Blockchain technology.

    His first foray into cryptocurrency was when he agreed to his first bitcoin payment after some beer in a small pub in Amsterdam, where a friend explained him he’d be better off with bitcoin than with euro so he better open a wallet and accept that as a fair share of paying the tab. It took him a year – while witnessing the European financial crisis, the Greek bailouts, trying to make sense of Fed & ECB low interest policies… in awe of repeated failures and arrogance of the large banks – to going to the often quoted bitcoin rabbit hole… where be started his journey to understand the beautiful technology and (start to) get a glimpse on the potential impacts on society.