Dwight Sproull – Contributor


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    Dwight Sproull is an analytical and creative writer and communicator with a significant amount of international experience, including living overseas for almost six years working for global companies. He’s currently based in Moscow.

    Previously, as head of Social Media for Social Discovery Ventures in New York City, he conceived, planned, and implemented social media strategy for eight separate brands across a diverse array of platforms including Facebook, G+, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube managing social media and video advertising campaigns to achieve optimal results. Sproull harks from the US where he got his BA in History and Political Science from the University of Houston.

    Currently he’s working on a number of projects including Humaniq – a Blockchain banking project for the bankless, where he puts his writing and communication skills to work disseminating Blockchain and it’s potential to so alleviate poverty in emerging economies by helping empower some of the world’s 2 billion bankless to participate in the digital economy.