Gideon Greenspan – Founder and CEO of Coin Sciences


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    Gideon Greenspan is a developer, entrepreneur and lecturer who hails from London, England originally and now based in Tel Aviv, Israel.

    He is the founder / CEO of Coin Sciences Ltd, a company developing a suite of technologies and services for public and private Blockchains:

    • MultiChain. Off-the-shelf platform for creating private multicurrency Blockchains.
    • CoinSpark. Integrated solution for asset transfer and notarized messaging over bitcoin.
    • Coin Secrets. Displays metadata recently embedded in the bitcoin Blockchain.

    Greenspan teaches  Software Product Development for Startups to undergraduates of Computer Science at the Academic College of Tel Aviv-Yaffo as well as startup Marketing for the Global MBA: Innovation and Entrepreneurship Track at the Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya.

    He has a PhD in Computer Science, Technionthesis implemented in HaploBlock, an MA in Philosophy, King’s College Londonthesis on consciousness and an MA in Computer Science and Management Studies, from Cambridge University.

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