Jurjen Söhne – Contributing Editor


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    Jurjen Söhne (aka Juri) is a Contributing Editor for Blockchain News, Founding Partner of The Hackitarians (Dutch Foundation) and Founder of Infinite Playground in the UK.

    Söhne is a catalyst for innovation active on the cutting-edge of digital, social, science and technology. He has co-organised and hosted a variety of hackathons across Europe ranging from Health, Applied Sustainability down to Television and Media.

    He is a Fellow and Connector of the RSA and has been involved in a number of technology startup project around the world from Singapore to London.

    A social entrepreneur at heart, and environmentalist by education, Juri revels in driving innovation in technology that betters the planet.


    He is purpose driven in humanising technology and democratising data for the purpose to increase the human potential and operates as an innovation catalyst – he is always looking to better programs, products, processes through (human-centered) design, (applied) science and (exponential) technologies.

    Söhne anticipates changing landscapes; easily projecting perspectives into the future and strategising these with proven and emerging technologies in mind.

    As an Environmental Scientist and Connector for the RSA, he enjoys supporting the Society with dedicated programs to tackle societal challenges.

    His specialties are Digital Strategy, Digital Transformation, Future Trends, Exponential Technologies, Artificial Intelligence, and Hackathons.