Timothy Max – Contributor


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    Timothy is a Software Engineer from Kenya with more than 6 years of experience in web and mobile application development. He started a successful consulting firm interacting with clients from Kenya, UK and US. He is self taught and loves the learning journey. Through this he has gained a vast knowledge and experience in problem solving and tech.
    He is also an entrepreneur and has ran a startup providing an ecommerce solution and empowering small business owners in Kenya, duka.io. Through this he has gained experience in management and marketing.
    He is a firm believer of the power of blockchain technology and he is a cryptocurrency investor, trader, developer, and aspiring entrepreneur. He is also a Solidity(Ethereum) developer. He is researching on how blockchain can be applied in regions with low literacy, smartphone penetration and internet connectivity. He believes that is where the opportunity lies.
    Currently developing a financial system for the African market, vpesa.com
    He has been an active participant in the Kenyan tech ecosystem, organizing several groups including Nairobi JS and participating in several events. Through this he has gained networks and skills in community management and event planning.
    He speaks about tech from time to time, alongside mentoring upcoming software developers.
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