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BlockApps Raises PreSeries A Venture Funding Brings Ethereum Blockchain as a Service Cloud to China


BlockApps, a leading enterprise Blockchain developer platforms using Ethereum technology, is expanding its global access of Blockchain as a Service (BAAS) to China by working in conjunction with market leading cloud providers Alibaba, Microsoft Azure China operated by 21Vianet, Tencent, and WanCloud.

Victor Wong, CEO of BlockApps noted:

“Demand for BlockApps from enterprises around the world has grown exceptionally fast from the US to Europe, South America, the Middle East and now by working with the leading Chinese cloud providers, BlockApps will help them and their enterprise clients facilitate efficient Blockchain deployments.”

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BlockApps has successfully closed its preseries A round in order to address global demand and expansion into China from clients in finance, supply chain management, retail, healthcare, payments processing, insurance and other industries.

Led by Fenbushi Capital, BlockApps’ capital raise includes Chinese and American Blockchain thought leaders including Black Pine Capital and its affiliate Jen Advisors, the Novogratz Family Office, Radiant Venture Capital, and Ventris Capital.

Bo Shen, Managing Director of Fenbushi Capital remarked:

“BlockApps is the most scalable and modular enterprise Blockchain solution available today. Given BlockApps’ early success on the Microsoft Azure and Redhat Openshift platforms in the United States, we look to help scale those efforts here in China. We see BlockApps as the infrastructural Blockchain database of companies in the future. Through collaboration with Fenbushi Capital, BlockApps has already begun working on two large enterprise engagements here in China, including a multinational insurer and a smart cities initiative. More information will be announced at the Wanxiang Blockchain Summit.”

Technical integration has begun with Alibaba, Microsoft Azure China, Tencent, and WanCloud.

BlockApps will be available as a singleclick enterprise deployment on these clouds before year end.

Marley Gray, Principal Project Manager at Microsoft relayed:

“BlockApps has been an exceptional Blockchain partner in supporting our clients globally. We are excited they have selected Microsoft Azure operated by 21Vianet to deploy their solutions in China, to helpbusinesses the ability to rapidly develop smart contract solutions that range from proofs-of-concept to full production solutions.”

Gary Liu of Alibaba added:

“Due to strong client demand for Ethereumbased permissioned Blockchains, Alibaba is looking forward to hosting BlockApps in our cloud marketplace, Alibaba Cloud Computing. BlockApps is cutting edge Blockchain technology that our enterprises will be able to use seamlessly to build Ethereum smart contracts to optimize their workflows, reduce costs, and improve transparency. ”

James Hu from Tencent:

“Tencent is proud to host BlockApps in our cloud marketplace, Tencent Cloud. The Chinese enterprise developer community has been eager to experiment with Ethereum and from our research, BlockApps is the leader in the enterprise Blockchain space. ”

Tom Tao, General Manager of Wancloud, Wanxiang’s newly formed cloud said:

“Wanxiang has been receiving rapidly growing requirements from China local enterprises to help them adopt Blockchain into their real businesses. To partner with BlockApps and bring its leading enterprise Blockchain platform BlockApps STRATO to Wancloud BaaS platform is one of our series of steps to bridge the leading edge Blockchain technologies with China’s local enterprise market. Wancloud will not only provide a turnkey Blockchain environment on the cloud, but also help local enterprise clients to integrate it with real business processes and existing IT systems through Wanxiang Blockchain consulting services. We believe it will create tremendous value to both our clients and BlockApps.”

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