Polish Parliament Hold First Public Consultation on Blockchain


    Organized by the office of parliamentary deputy Miroslaw Suchonia and the Polish Association of Bitcoin a public consultation  took place in the Polish parliament called “Pieniądz cyfrowy i technologie rozproszonych rejestrów – teraźniejszość i wyzwania”  or “Money and digital Technologies, Distributed Registries – Present Challenges”.

    According to other reports, the Government in Poland is enthusiastic about cryptocurrencies and more such debates are expected to follow this first ever government – cryptocurrency interaction. As expected, one of the main topics of the debate revolved around the legislative issues surrounding the creation and use of cryptocurrencies. It was accepted that regulations are necessary to protect the investors’ interest without hindering the freedom of the community or hampering the progress of technology development.

    The meeting was opened envoy Mirosław Suchoń stressing the importance of consultation:

    “Such meetings have been held so far in several countries – today I am glad that Poland is nevertheless one of the first countries where such an event takes place. Bitcoin and Blockchain are the main elements of the new technology that may soon revolutionize financial markets around the world. This carries considerable challenges for the legislative branch, which is responsible for aligning the requirements of modern technology and supporting  businesses.

    According to the parliamentarian Modern innovative technologies and built on the basis of start-ups should be supported by the government

    “The main objective of the Polish legislators should not still be creating the same regulation, but support the development of the market which is dominated by new technologies. As a result, it would be possible to achieve a competitive advantage over other countries, and then – to increase export opportunities for the applications of these technologies instead of waiting for its development in other countries.”

    The invited guests had an opportunity to hear the lectures of specialists in the field of digital currencies, Bitcoin and Blockchain  and participate in the discussion of matters cryptocurrency in Poland. Among the speakers were:

    • Jacek Czarnecki – Wardyński and Partners and SGH
    • Maciej Jędrzejczyk – IBM Global Services Delivery Centre Poland
    • Tomasz Kibil – EY
    • Dr. Krzysztof Korus – dLK Korus perch Legal Advisers sp.p.
    • Filip Pawczyński – president of the Polish Association of Bitcoin
    • Dr. Krzysztof Piech – Warsaw School of Economics (Department of Economic Policy), Polish Association of Bitcoin
    • prof. Marian Silver – Polish Academy of Sciences (Institute of Computer Science)
    • Lech Wilczynski – president InPay SA, the Polish Association of Bitcoin
    • Dr. Konrad Zacharzewski – Nicolaus Copernicus University in Torun (Department of Civil Law and Banking).

    The participants were able to learn a lot about the basics of Bitcoin and Blockchain and understand the barriers to market development in the cryptocurrency arena that are faced by entrepreneurs.