Cryptor Trust Launches Blockchain Asset Exchange Vehicle


    Cryptor Trust is offering a new investment vehicle focused on developing a decentralized asset exchange, named Blockchain Asset Exchange Inc., short called ‘BAE’, the company is now open for investors world wide.

    The company is offering 2,500,000 (two and a half million) shares at a fix per share price of Bitcoin 0,001. All interested parties can acquire their participation in BAE until Friday November the 11th, 8 pm New York time.[Check BAE’s Prospectus for more details…]

    The BAE platform enables users to trade assets in near real time, securely and with ultra-low fees

    The future for security exchanges is distributed, decentralized and Blockchain based.

    BAE say they give everybody the opportunity to invest in Blockchain based technologies.

    Geir Solem, investment banker and chairman at Cryptor Trust, commented:

    “Distributed, Decentralized and Blockchain based finance opens the door for the worlds unbanked into banking”.

    BAE will provide liquidity for the Blockchain industry and investors.

    Want to know more? Access the company prospectus here!
    To become a BAE shareholder, investors can buy a minimum of 10 shares, equal to Bitcoin 0,01 or about USD 6.5 at the exchange rate per 16th of October 2016 (current rates at

    One “lot” is 1000 shares or Bitcoin 1, equal to approx. USD 650 with the exchange rate per 16th of October 2016.

    Large investors or institutions can buy a block (or blocks) of shares which we define as at least 100.000 shares or about USD 65.000 with the exchange rate per 16th of October 2016.

    Cryptor Trust, is the first and still one of the few investment groups in the world to introduce a formal capital structure based on Bitcoin, holding Bitcoin and Blockchain related investments as its main assets as well as expanding into distributed, Blockchain based finance.