QRL Recruits Testers for High Security Quantum-Resistant Blockchain


    The QRL (Quantum Resistant Ledger) is the first Blockchain technology to provide longevity and stability through the mitigation of quantum computing attacks. Today, QRL announced the recruitment of testers for their High Security Blockchain. This follows a review and update of a whitepaper by Peter Waterland. Concurrently, they have opened up their communication platform on Slack for public comment and critique prior to their presale.

    Jomari Peterson, Strategy, Operations and Development Expert stated:

    A vibrant community along with the innovative implementation of XMSS (Extended Merkle Signature Scheme) is fundamental to securing the future of this technology.”  

    The recruitment for testers is looking to create a minimum of 50 nodes.

    An unnamed source within the core team who specializes in system architecture and design stresses that for the system to be considered secure, it should not be feasible to break within the next 50-100 years, referencing Blackberry’s retroactive decryption. The tester and public participation is a means to create a scalable and efficient standard of quantum resistant security.

    QRL Recruits Testers for High Security Quantum-Resistant Blockchain
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