Interview with Back to Earth founder Clay Space


    Back to Earth is an Alternative Reality Game with a unique twist – can you explain how it works?

    Back to Earth is more than just an alternative reality game – it’s an entertainment experience. Back to Earth will span multiple mediums like film, mobile apps, graphic novels and social media, in order to engage the audience in a larger narrative.

    One of the big problems that production companies are experiencing today is a shift in distribution methods and consumer expectations. In order for a story to be successful these days it needs to be able to engage its audience on multiple platforms, it needs to be its own brand so that is what we are creating with Back to Earth.

    It takes inspiration from Marvel Universe. Looks at how Marvel has taken its narrative and expanded it from the comics into film, television, action figures, video games, live events, and more. Each medium tells a different story and engages a slightly different audience, but it allows them to tap into every aspect of the market, from casual viewers to hardcore fans.

    What is the role of Blockchain and virtual currencies in Back to Earth?

    StarCredits are needed to participate. The role of the StarCredit token in Back to Earth is to allow the experience to feel even more real, while also encouraging cross-platform interaction. Think of our token as an in-game currency similar to Caps in Fall Out, or cash in Grand Theft Auto. Except, with StarCredits you can take our token and use it across multiple platforms–and it can’t be replicated or faked.

    Also, because certain elements of the experience will unfold in real time, these tokens will actually be able to effect story outcomes and sway character choices. And, as an extra incentive to add value to the token, all tokens that directly interact with game elements will be destroyed.

    How did you come up with the idea for Back to Earth?

    Back to Earth spawned from the realization that crowdfunding a film project is extremely difficult. I think a lot of film crowdfunds fail to raise an appropriate amount because they don’t give the right incentives to crowdfund participants. How do you get people to put in their hard earned cash when all you can promise them is a t-shirt?

    Back to Earth turns that model on its head, and is trying to prove that with the right innovation you can create an entertainment experience that rewards the audience as much as they reward you.

    Who is on your team and where are you based?

    Our production team is based out of Albuquerque, but we have team members nation-wide. We have been very fortunate to have attracted the attention of No Mime’s Media, a transmedia production company out in California that has worked with major brands to tell cross-platform stories. After a successful crowdfund we will be working with them to integrate StarCredits into our transmedia narrative.

    You have a profile on IMDb from working on some high profile TV Shows, can you talk more about what that means for Back to Earth – will you feature in the storyline?

    Yes, my own acting experience is going to help us during the casting process of Back to Earth. It’s still up in the air whether or not I will play a character in our episodic series, but it’s on the table. My goal is to create the best story we can and tell it in the best way possible. If in doing so it gives me a chance to act, well, I’ll take it!

    When does the ICO start and what are the terms of sale?

    Our crowdfund starts on April 26th. It’s a little different than most crowdfunds because the only way to gain access to it is through referral links that will be distributed through our various social media channels and newsletter. Once you join you will get a referral link of your own, and anyone who follows it will earn you extra StarCredits.

    There’s a full explanation of our crowdfund here, as well as how you can earn a Golden Ticket that will give you access to exclusive content or even extra StarCredits down the line.

    The Back To Earth crowdsale opens on 26th April – for more information see here.