Japanese Blockchain Startup releases VALU – Social Media Value That Can Be Traded


    Blockchain startup VALU has just released a new FinTech service that lets anyone share and trade his/her own value, just like a company.

    Developed using Bitcoin and Blockchain, VALUE functions as a communication tool for individuals to overcome financial obstacles, and realize their dreams and goals through the support of VALUERs who invest in them. Users of VALU may interact with their VALUERs using special offers and perks.

    It calculates people’s market capitalization according to the numbers of followers and friends in their social media accounts and allows them to share and trade their own value once they list their stock (VA) on the VALU market.

    If you have that “something,” VALU is where you can easily find investors. If you are a VALUER who invests in diamonds in the rough, you will be able to enjoy exclusive perks and substantial returns upon the success of the VALU issuers you are supporting.

    More functions are expected to be added in the future such as video distribution.


    Rather than a centralized management system, Blockchain is an open distribution management system which records transactions between two parties in an efficient and verifiable way. Bitcoin is the cryptocurrency that uses the Blockchain system.

    On February 24, 2017, a bill defining cryptocurrencies as actual currency was approved by Japan’s Cabinet Council. Starting April 1, 2017, “Virtual Currency Regulation” was enforced. 

    Website: https://valu.is/