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BurstIQ Announces Token Crowdsale for its Health Data Ecosystem and Marketplace


BurstIQ, the Blockchain-based health data company, has announced the company’s BurstIQ Token (BiQ) crowdsale campaign and details for participation.

BurstIQ has developed a platform and ecosystem that is built to enable a coming transformation in the healthcare space. Data is becoming increasingly critical to clinical, operational, and individual decision-making, and interest in products and partnerships that leverage data is increasing exponentially. Within the next five years, data will become the currency that drives the healthcare industry, and BurstIQ will be the marketplace.

BurstIQ has combined Blockchain technology with Big Data capabilities, advanced security protocols, and machine intelligence to create a platform that allows large, complex data sets to be managed, parsed, shared and mined while maintaining strict security standards and HIPAA compliance. Health data from disparate sources is brought together to create individual LifeGraphsTM. When combined with BiQs, LifeGraphs provide the basis for the HealthWalletTM, from which data can be shared, sold, licensed, loaned, or donated.

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The BurstIQ ecosystem will enable individuals and businesses to actively engage with each other to buy, sell, partner and collaborate, with BiQs as the currency for all health data transactions.

The public BiQ crowdsale is scheduled for August 2017. BurstIQ will offer up to 700,000,000 BiQ tokens (70% of the available BiQs) at a price of $0.12 each. To incentivize early participation in the crowdsale, early buyers will receive bonus BiQs: 20% bonus for purchases in week 1, 15% bonus in week 2, 10% bonus in week 3, and 5% bonus in week 4. BiQs will be redeemable by both individuals and organizations for transaction credits on the platform, including a huge range of health-related products and services.

For more information about BurstIQ and how to participate in the BiQ crowdsale, please visit or contact us at

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