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    DECENT Expands Offices To New York City


    The Swiss company DECENT, known for producing a digital content distribution platform based on their own adaptation of blockchain technology, is hiring employees from around the globe and increasing their reach with new offices popping up at a number of locations in recent months. Their latest plans are to expand to New York City.

    DECENT launched its digital content distribution platform only in June of this year. Since then their number of employees has grown by 20%, and with this rapid increase in size, they are looking to broaden their reach to new strategic locations in different countries. After Slovakia, Switzerland, Armenia and two locations in China, the New York office will be the sixth place of company operations. They believe that adding a global dimension to their company will appeal to potential new members of their team and draw in additional interests from their growing community of followers.

    “I am convinced that there are many talented young people in Slovakia who are tempted to travel and work on products that can change the world. I believe New York is an attractive destination and this new office will also attract potential new colleagues”, says Matej Michalko, Founder and CEO of DECENT.

    Remote Blockchain Education - Blockchain Partners

    DECENT plans to open more than 35 positions by the end of the year. Future arrangements could include opening offices in Hong Kong, Los Angeles and Silicon Valley


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