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Swiss ICO Summit Attracts Global Industry Leaders to Discuss Future of Crypto Finance

Smart Valor, the decentralized platform for the issuance and distribution of investment solutions, today announced its full line-up for The ICO Summit. Held in Zurich on Friday, September 15, 2017, the conference will dive into both the excitement and criticism surrounding this growing trend in capital raising, as well as discuss Switzerland’s position as an epicentre for the ICO revolution.

Olga Feldmeier, CEO of Smart Valor, said:

“The ICO Summit is set to be the first truly global crypto event in Switzerland, and we’re looking forward to sharing this with the wider crypto community. As innovative Blockchain companies from around the world turn their focus to Zurich, this Summit will offer a groundbreaking platform to discuss the emergence and future of these incredible technologies.”

With a program of workshops, keynotes, and panel discussions, the ICO Summit is set to bring together disruptors and drivers of change in crypto funding to share their experiences and best practices for successful ICO execution. The Summit will open with a keynote speech by William Mougayar, investor and author of The Business Blockchain.

“Setting aside the hype surrounding the crypto market, it’s important to evaluate the vast impact that ICOs have and will continue to have globally. The ICO Summit highlights not only how the balance and structure of venture capital is shifting, but also how emerging technologies are transforming our everyday lives,” Daniel Zakrisson, Co-founder & Head of Evaluations and Mentoring at Cofound.it, said.

Local Crypto Valley experts will be represented at the summit, including Nicolai Oster, Head of ICOs at Bitcoin Suisse, and John Hucker, President of the Swiss Finance and Technology Association. Global industry leaders also presenting include Jamie Burke, CEO and Co-founder of Outlier Ventures; Jake Brukhman, Co-founder of Coinfund.io; Alexander Ivanov, CEO and Co-founder of Waves Platform; Eddy Travia, CEO of Coinsilium; Daniel Zakrisson, Co-founder and Head of Evaluations and Mentoring at CoFound.it; David Wachsman, Founder of Wachsman PR; and Richard Kastelein, Co-founder of Cryptoassets Design Group.

“With a record amount of funding raised, and as the ICO landscape continues to evolve, it’s important that industry leaders come together to highlight the importance of clarity and compliance. In order to secure the future of the industry, it is our responsibility to ensure that startups are familiar with the regulatory framework and investors are protected,” said Nicolai Oster, Head of ICO at Bitcoin Suisse.

The 2017 Summit will tackle some of the most discussed issues in the industry, including how Blockchain is disrupting traditional financing, the evolution of the token economy, and the best practices for ICO execution. In addition, the conference will feature a Pitch Session, in which attendees will watch as some of the most promising projects undertaking token sales in the space share their visions.

Arry Yu, COO, StormX Inc. (of STORM Tokens), said:

“The most innovative companies in every industry are leveraging cryptocurrency to offer people all over the world a wealth of unprecedented opportunities. The rapid rise of crowdsales is reflecting the global appetite for projects that offer people new and more democratic ways to engage with brands, from decentralized job marketplaces, to mobile games that let people earn natively in cryptocurrency.”

“As the ICO trend continues to grow, gaining significant momentum month-on-month, our eyes are opened to the limitless use cases of Blockchain and token assets. Despite the increasing flow of amazing projects, I believe we have only just scratched the surface of what this form of capital raising can accomplish,” Feldmeier concluded.

Due to high interest, the conference is sold out. However, the event will be live streamed at www.ICOsummit.ch.

The full agenda and biographies of the event speakers and panelists can be viewed here.

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