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Trippki Announces Hotel Booking and Rewards Platform to Simplify & Monetize Traveling

Trippki aims to use blockchain technology to transform the travel industry by creating a more efficient, versatile and usable travel rewards program.


Today’s commonly used travel reward programs need improvement. Travelers are ready for a system that is easy to use and is truly beneficial for the consumer, such as travel points that never expire and the ability to use them at will.

Trippki CEO, Ed Cunningham, has worked in the travel industry for 25 years.  Through his experience, he saw a huge gap in hotel to customer relationships because of interference from third-party travel programs like and Expedia. He states that, “The golden ticket is to have direct relationships between the customer and the supplier, without the middle person [e.g. Expedia] taking huge commissions.”

Trippki aims to provide a better customer experience when it comes to booking travel, primarily through it’s unique rewards program. These rewards come in the form of TRIP, Trippki’s token, which can then be used in exchange for other cryptocurrencies, booking future hotel stays or in exchange for cash; making for a much more versatile and usable travel-rewards system than what is currently available. Travelers earn TRIP, or a portion of their vacation costs back, by utilizing services at participating hotels, such as dining at hotel restaurants or using spa services.

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Hotels on the Trippki platform benefit as well, as their guests are incentivized to use hotel amenities instead of outside vendors, along with developing guest loyalty by offering specialized promotions.  Hotels want to communicate with the customer directly, without interference from third-party travel programs, and guests want to be able to really use their reward points.  Trippki and their use of Blockchain technology make both of these goals possible.

Trippki is an open, decentralised reward protocol and an incentive alignment system (TRIP token) built on top of Ethereum. Trippki allows hotels to build direct relationships with their customers through a built-in reputation system, so guests can be rewarded for helping to promote the network whether that’s using in-house services, writing reviews or through getting other users onto the platform through the affiliate and referral programs.
Trippki hands the power back to the guest, giving them the freedom to use their travel rewards at will; an alternative to current day travel reward programs. For more information, visit

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