DECENT and Venaco Group Create a New Blockchain Joint Venture, Equidato Technologies AG

Leveraging blockchain to reshape business models


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DECENT and Venaco Group are proud to announce a new Blockchain joint venture, named Equidato Technologies AG, based in Swiss Canton of Aargau.

The two Swiss companies are enthusiastic about the launch of this new venture and welcome the opportunity to work jointly on a very ambitious plan to bring Blockchain to businesses of all sizes. The combination of DECENT’s success in launching its proprietary Blockchain and Venaco Group’s experience with complex business and SAP technology transformations, provides the right mixture of capabilities for success.

Blockchain technology has been the beating heart of Bitcoin and the world of crypto since it was first released in concert with Bitcoin in 2009. Today, it has been deemed a foundational technology with the potential to create new economic and social frameworks. It is forecasted that 10% of global GDP will be enabled by Blockchain by 2027. Such forecasts are edging major companies toward integration, providing a window of opportunity for businesses that offer Blockchain services.

A major factor in the adoption of Blockchain into businesses is connectivity to SAP and other applications. A reported 74% of the world’s transaction revenue touches SAP software, making it by far the world’s most utilized software. Equidato Technologies AG aims to integrate Blockchain systems with today’s enterprise applications like SAP, has significant potential to advance Blockchain technology and consequently enable the reshaping of business models and industry value chains on a global scale. These efforts represent yet another milestone in the new era of Blockchain technology.

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