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Goodwill Protocol Ico Looks To Fix Current Broken Economic System Through A Digital Economy That Operates On Human Goodwill


Business Developers & Data Scientists, Ana Liza Oliva, Rosalyn Dialino, and Ratchanan Phimsak envision a world where  social inequality presented by economic, political, and governance disparities are a thing of the past.

Having seen the consequences of poverty, injustices, and disparity in governance across the globe making entrepreneurship, innovation, and even digitization a risky business where these drivers of collective human progress are having to make unnecessary personal sacrifices to do good for humanity, Rosalyn held a very strong feeling that all people who serve the well being of humanity should be nurtured and provided the right environment to do the work.

One day, while Richard (Managing Director), Hidemi (Chief Data Scientist), Rosalyn (Operations & Data Science) and Ana Liza (Operations & Data Science) were working on getting Rocket Internet (Deutsche Borse Xetra: RKET) off the ground in various developing nations, Ana Liza comes to a realization that a nurturing environment is easily achievable with common goodwill of the surrounding participants.

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Through goodwill, Ana Liza realizes it is possible to not only build companies in various geographies but it is possible to also contribute to building the foundation of a functional nation at the same time. Hidemi saw possibility of true democracy only through rules-based process re-engineering and data driven decision automation rather than manual human decision making. Richard decided at that point, that democratization of such goodwill is possible through digital technology. The basic idea of Goodwill Protocol, where the participants help each other turning their causes, visions, and ideas into crowd-sourced actionable goals, then into reality, was born.

Goodwill Economy and Goodwill Protocol will be driven by Goodwill Coin, which has unique characteristics of unlimited minting capability for distribution amongst Goodwill Coin participants, and flexible exchange rate mechanism that allows community voting of exchange rate mechanics and the rate on a periodic basis. This gives the Goodwill Economy participants a platform to build an economic model suited for the environment, while assuring liquidity for the participants.

Goodwill Protocol is hosting an Initial Coin Offering (ICO), which starts on October 1, 2017, with goal of motivating participants to directly to foster participatory engagement on governance and policy formation to simulate various economic models and ultimately create a Goodwill Economy driven by goodwill intentions of the participants to work for the benefit of all Goodwill Economy participants through the use of Goodwill Protocol.

The ICO process looks to build a base of participants for early voice in the Goodwill Economy building process to accelerate wide adoption of Goodwill Coins by exchanges and merchants, which is the only needed component to ensure Goodwill Economy’s stability and sustainability.

Goodwill Protocol serves as a way to digitally connect diversely disconnected population through common means of digital interaction using blockchain technology and smart contracts. Despite age-old failures in economic structures humanity has inherited, Goodwill Protocol looks to showcase human capability and global population’s will to overcome such deficiencies through innovative ideas, visions, and causes to go above and beyond the inherent limitations shown, to bring faith and trust back in the goodwill capability of the people to help each other in realizing the ideas, visions, and causes for the mutual benefit.

Goodwill Protocol is exclusively limiting the ICO participants only to those who are committed in forming and interacting with the community with preset notion of goodwill:

* Guarantee well-being of its participants regardless of educational, ethnic or religious backgrounds

* Absolute protection of civil liberty by providing political voice (legislation / voting participation), lifestyle (right to live a fulfilling life, regardless of participants’ capability to participate economically), and governance (guarantee of individual peace, protection, and prosperity)

* Guarantee the fundamental right of participants to enjoy the best the Goodwill Economy is able to provide

While having goodwill towards the community is a requirement, through voting process and active participation of the Goodwill Protocol participants in mutually beneficial materialization, ideation and actuation, Goodwill Economy looks to foster a self-evolving environment that manifests the best that humanity has to offer in evolving the Goodwill Economy going forward.

“Goodwill Protocol helps you turn your causes, visions, and ideas into crowdsourced actionable goals, then into reality” — Richard, 2017

Learn more about Goodwill Protocol ICO at:

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