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BLOCKv Announces the Availability of VEE Tokens Through Its Upcoming Token Generation Event – Open to Public on October 19, 2017


BLOCKv, creators a “user interface” layer for Blockchain-based tokens, today announced the upcoming Token Generation Event (TGE) for its V tokens (Ticker: VEE), which grant access to the BLOCKv development platform and fuel the creation of next generation, smart, secure, dynamic digital objects called vAtoms.

The company was recently called ‘one of the most innovative new Blockchain ventures’ by members of the Blockchain Investors Consortium at the recent d10e Conference. You can learn more about BLOCKv, its technology, use cases and future vision via its whitepaper and one-page overview on its homepage.

The BLOCKv token sale will commence on October 19 at 9:00 AM EDT and will run for five days. The main sale cap is $20 million. BLOCKv will be selling 1 billion tokens in the crowdsale. The pre-sale, which opened on September 18, sold out –  hitting the $20 million cap. The company has instituted a whitelist process to ensure a safe and fair sale.

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A standout fact about BLOCKv is that the platform is already operable today.  So the funds raised from the token sale will be used to refine developer tools, enhance aspects of the technology, technology licenses, infrastructure and systems management, marketing and community building, as well as for the general operations of the company.

“The introduction of BLOCKv represents a watershed moment in the maturation of the Blockchain sector and the creation of next generation content, commerce and communications applications,” said BLOCKv CEO, Reeve Collins. “By creating a ‘user interface’ layer above Blockchains, BLOCKv provides developers with the building blocks to design the experiential economy of the future, and unlock new revenue generating opportunities for businesses within this 100 billion-dollar – and growing – ecosystem.”

The BLOCKv platform promises to usher in the next generation digital goods economy by enabling the creation of Blockchain-based smart digital objects called vAtoms (Virtual Atoms). vAtoms combine code with multimedia elements to create dynamic virtual objects and compelling micro-apps, transforming static cryptocurrencies into strategic assets for Blockchain application developers, brand marketers and other entities.

vAtoms can be programmed to perform a variety of functions, and can take many forms such as digital gifts, collectibles, coupons, tickets, media, and art. When paired with national brands, vAtoms become a powerful tool for marketers to acquire and engage with customers, traversing both digital and real-world environments.

In addition to marketing and branding applications, vAtoms can play a future role in healthcare, financial services, legal and other industries by securely storing and transmitting personal information and documents; interacting with medical and other IoT devices.

“When digital objects are freed from the confines of applications and become interoperable and tradeable an entirely new experiential digital goods economy will be born,” continued Collins. “By making digital objects more secure, scarce, interactive and transactional, BLOCKv seeks to create an ecosystem of smart digital objects that are fun to collect and exchange, but also have real-world value and applications for consumers and businesses.”

Building vAtoms on top of Blockchain technologies guarantees their authenticity, security, scarcity and integrity. It also enables developers to imbue their digital objects with a broad range of functions and characteristics that allow vAtoms to be:

  • Transactional and store value like a currency, gift card, ticket, or coupon

  • Obtained anywhere, including traditional, digital and social media; physical or digital locations (e.g. billboards or on a virtual map); online exchanges; mobile devices; and virtual reality and augmented reality environments

  • Collected, traded, gifted, bought and sold, or redeemed for things with real-world value

  • “Owned” instead of licensed, like most digital objects

  • Functional beyond the application or “walled garden” environment in which it was created, and transcend the barriers between digital and physical worlds

  • Network-aware, enabling them to interact with other vAtoms and real-world connected devices

  • Flexible, changing functions or behaviors based on external, real-world events such as the weather, stock prices, sports scores and social media trends

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