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Pulsar Venture Capital Holds ICO to Raise Money Using Blockchain

Pulsar VC announces a new blockchain and cryptocurrency fund


Today Pulsar Venture Capital, a business accelerator and an early stage venture fund, has announced the launch of an initial coin offering (ICO) for a new VC fund that can accept funds from pre-qualified crypto-purchasers (per country regulations, under Reg D Rule 506(c) in the U.S.)

“Crypto-investors can join by investing in the existing portfolio companies and become a part of the new fund. Our strategy has already demonstrated great results, having produced an average return of 40% annually. Our own award-winning international acceleration program allows us to increase companies’ capitalization and to scale up startups from Eastern Europe into international markets with confidence.

In Europe, the USA, and Asia, we have a an established proprietary deal flow from our partners that rank among some of the leading accelerators, incubators, venture funds, and angel investors. The new fund’s focus will shift towards blockchain and cryptocurrency, while the strategy will involve scaling local startups internationally, into Europe, the USA, and Asia.  The ICO is a new opportunity that will allow us to make investments in startups accessible and liquid”, Pavel Korolev, Pulsar Venture Capital CEO and Managing Partner, said.

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The ICO will take place from October 30, 2017 until November 30, 2017. The ICO organizers hope to raise $30 million to invest in 30+ new early-stage startups in Europe and the US. The fund will be focused on blockchain/cryptocurrency, IT, IoT, and advanced materials. ICO participants will share in the upside from the 29 existing portfolio companies of Pulsar VC.

In the ICO campaign, Pulsar tokens will be issued on the Ethereum blockchain platform. Pulsar VC team includes experts and investors from the USA, Russia, European and Asian countries, among whom are: Marvin Liao (Partner at 500 Startups), Bill Reichert (Managing Director at Garage Technology), Jeffrey Paine (Managing Partner, Golden Gate Ventures) and others. A full list of all members of a team and experts involved is accessible on the site ICO site

The fund is set to carry out this strategy under the guidance of an experienced international team of managing partners in the USA, Russia, Ireland, the UAE, where the fund has significant presence and is successfully integrated into the local market and innovation ecosystem.

Pulsar VC will buy back the tokens at a market price every time an “exit” of one of the portfolio companies takes place or Pulsar VC receives any dividends or distributions from the portfolio companies. Pulsar VC will apply such proceeds (less success fee) to buying back Pulsar tokens through an exchange platform.

Pulsar Venture Capital is an early stage venture fund and a business accelerator ensuring proper conditions for implementation of innovation projects, developing high technology companies. Pulsar VC is a leader among the top-performing Russian business accelerators in the UBI Global 2016-2017 ranking. Over the last few years, Pulsar Venture Capital has organized annual acceleration programs to help startups enter international markets, as well as to select companies to be invested in with its Fund. The fund and accelerator’s investment strategy includes investing in early stage companies having the potential to enter the global market.

The Pulsar Venture Capital’s main office is located in Kazan. Its representative offices are located in Silicon Valley, Dublin and Dubai.

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