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Swissborg – The Blockchain Era of Swiss Private Banking – Announced ICO


In the near future, the Asset Management industry will go through disruptive changes and transformation, once bankers unlock the full potential of the Blockchain.

Today, leveraging on Ethereum Distributed Ledger Technology and Swarm Intelligence, SwissBorg is a project with the ambition to reinvent the way Wealth Management ecosystem works.​

SwissBorg is an innovative provider of cyber-secure financial services operating in Switzerland through a digital branchless platform. Aiming to reshape the Private Banking industry, SwissBorg develops Investment Mandates available for individuals, DAOs, investment managers and financial advisors.
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Our mission is to create a cyberbank that offers innovative, democratic financial services (it is possible to invest from 1 CHF) as well as one-stop shop for any asset class powered by tailor-made investment strategies. In general, a banking backbone  with the latest digital and cryptographic technologies, accessible to anyone from anywhere at anytime in the world. – Cyrus Fazel, Founder, CEO

Main features:

  1. The Smart Mandate: an Investment Mandate encoded in a Smart Contract. Each client has its own customizable, transparent Smart Mandate that allows collaborating with several Financial Advisors hands-down.  You can configure your banking requirements and investment strategies;
  2. Cyborg Advisor: sophisticated investment strategies with the best technological tools based on Artificial Intelligence algorithms, helping holistically manage your assets with ease;
  3. A bonus system based on meritocracy: each active member of the community will be rewarded as a collaborator of common success by receiving up to 25% of quarter profits;

Their  main goal to innovate the Private Banking by implementing highly secure, transparent and customizable investment solutions.


Embrace the revolution and get prepared for the time of great shift (all assets listed on the Blockchain), join Swiss Borg coalition and own your own Swiss Bank.

SwissBorg is currently in a fundraising phase and is preparing for ICO starting November 21st.

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