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Cashaa Partners with Airbitz for Secure and Speedy Global Payments

Cashaa, the blockchain-based banking platform, has partnered with Airbitz to ensure the highest levels of security for its easy-to-use global financial services.


Cashaa, which aims to provide access to financial services for the billions of unbanked, uses Blockchain technology to enable value transfer, without the end user having to come into contact with cryptocurrency themselves. Now with Airbitz integration, Cashaa has strengthened its service even further with the addition of secure, encrypted storage for its network of traders that work behind the scenes. The partnership will allow the platform to scale out and offer the fastest services on the market to the widest possible audience.

“Airbitz is one of the most secure and trusted cryptocurrency wallets, which is in line with the ethics and vision of Cashaa, in providing platinum grade service for the people around the world” – Kumar Gaurav, CEO & Founder of Cashaa.

Cashaa has been named one of the 100 most influential Blockchain companies after its service launched earlier this year. The platform already beta tested the transfer of fiat money for a flat fee of 1$, disrupting existing business models and signalling a new era of financial freedom. The simplicity of Cashaa is key to its success and when combined with the intuitive features of Airbitz, will propel the service to the front of the forex payments ecosystem.

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Token Generation Event (TGE)

Cashaa’s platform will be powered by the Cashaa (CAS) token. CAS holders will be able to access premium services, instant loans, obtain a credit score, create smart contracts for trading and participate in the governance mechanism of CAS tokens. 1 billion CAS tokens will be generated with 51% (510,000,000) available to the public. The CAS TGE opens on 6 November until 5 December and the pre-sale is currently running now offering between 60% – 100% bonus tokens.

For more information or to register for the crowdsale visit

Upcoming events with Cashaa

Meet Cashaa`s VP Marketing Janina Lowisz who will participate in panels on the financial and social implications of Blockchain technology at the CapitOx ConferenceReimagining Capitalism, 28 October, University of Oxford, and on the role of the diaspora and remittances at the European Women in Payments Conference, 31 October, Amsterdam.

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