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    Bryan Feinberg – Interview with 1W’s Alex Fedosseev


    I had the pleasure this week to sit down with 1W’s CEO Alex Fedosseev from 1World Online  to get an inside look at the company, its application and the way they are scaling their business with Blockchain. Last year the company touched over 1.5M people with the tool kit and are now tokenizing their entire ecosystem with smart contracts built on the ERC20 Standard. This side of Blockchain is  really heating up with great innovation taking shape from many directions. Enjoy.

    The Online Media world is About to Change.

    Alex Fedosseev, CEO of 1World Online (1W), is challenging the digital advertising status quo presented by media giants like Google and Facebook. The Silicon Valley based company’s product hopes to bring power back to the people with their 1WO media token.

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    Feinberg: What you are doing is pretty innovative. Now that you are currently touching millions of people each day, what’s the ultimate gain for the advertising industry as a whole?

    Fedosseev: We are trying to change the online advertising industry and bring it into a new era. Currently, 75% of all online advertisement is controlled by Facebook and Google. Those numbers are projected to reach 99% within a few years if nothing is done to change the way advertising is done. We are creating a win-win-win model, in which publishers, brands, and users all win. The way it works is that users who engage with our units are rewarded with 1WO tokens (which are an ERC-20 crypto). Included with these units will be ads, purchased with 1WO by brands in our 1World ecosystem. Since users are already drawn to the units with their engaging polls and quizzes, they are more likely to see the advertisement next to the unit. This brings more ROI for the advertiser, and brings up the value of the ad space for the publisher. Everybody wins.

    Feinberg: How did 1W evolve?

    Fedosseev: I founded 1World Online in 2011, and since then we’ve grown to be one of the most widely recognized engagement and revenue platforms for publishers and brands, as our platform hosts up to 1.5 million monthly participants, totaling over 12 million users that lead to over 47 million votes and counting. Well-known websites, including The Huffington Post and Reuters, are among those that use the 1World Platform. Integrating Blockchain and the user rewards are the final pieces in the puzzle. We have already raised over $ 8M via our combined equity rounds from several top VC’s Angels who all very supportive of the ICO. We are lucky to have them.   

    Feinberg: Elaborate more on the function of the 1WO token. Why would users and brands want it?

    Fedosseev: The 1WO token is essentially a cryptocurrency meant to circulate inside 1World Online’s ecosystem. Users will be rewarded for their participation within the platform, which can then be exchanged for various perks, such as subscriptions or packaged goods. To conveniently allow users to exchange these tokens to fiat and other cryptocurrencies, various options are
    going to be supported. Additionally, users will be able to pay 1WO back to the publisher in order to turn off ads. We believe this will be a game changer in the ad-blocking war that the internet is embroiled in.

    Feinberg: Now that your ICO is live, how are things going?

    Fedosseev: We are really proud with process we have setup and applying to the ICO. We are using ICO Box’s solution which is lending to both a seamless UX and easy onboarding process for our contributors and users. To date, we have already received over 15,000 ETH ($ 4.5M+). As we approach our soft cap target of $ 5M, our plans are to continue to drive token sales through active use from our existing user base with an via our wallet environment. This represents over 12M current active users that drive over 140M+ Global impressions per month. We have already raised over $ 8M via our combined equity rounds from several top VC’s Angels who all very supportive of the ICO. We are lucky to have them.   

    Feinberg: You aren’t worried about the SEC shutting down ICOs because they aren’t registered as securities?

    Fedosseev: We aren’t worried about this at all, simply because 1WO is a pure utility token. Sure, people can make money buying and selling it, the same way I can buy and sell a watch for profit. That doesn’t mean my watch is a security. Our “watch” has a function, and that is the ability to purchase ad space, pay publishers, and reward users for engagement.

    Feinberg: How are you different from other ICOs as a company?

    Fedosseev: Most ICOs are started on nothing more than an idea, similar to how some Kickstarter projects raise funds for a promise. 1World Online is completely different. We’ve been around for almost 6 years, and we’ve had a working product for 5 of those. The ICO just seemed like a natural step for us to take on the path to Blockchain integration. We have already proven that we can build a product, and we have a solid team that operates around the world from the United States, Ukraine, India, Canada, and Japan.

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