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Storiqa Makes Cryptocurrency Closer To The World – Usual E-shop With A Few Peculiarities For Unusual Currency


The pre-ICO Storiqa successfully accomplished and reached 4 425 ETH. The main part – ICO launches already on the 28 of November and ends on the 28 of December.

The founders of the new Blockchain-based platform think it may seriously change the usage of cryptocurrency, making it wider and more common for the general public.

The new project says they unite the manufacturers from all over the world, giving them all the necessary tools for easy and transparent trading without the middlemen. Only direct communication between seller and buyer without the borders and with the opportunity to pay with cryptocurrency.

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Digital currency is becoming more and more popular in the world. Futurologists already speak about the new society and economic system, free from traditional banks and centralized structures. The world, where all the processes are based on smart-contracts. It spreads and becomes known everywhere – from US, Germany, and UK to the post-soviet countries like Estonia, Latvia, Russia and so on.   

However, despite all the expectations, hopes and enthusiasm, cryptocurrency still experiences some problems. Usage is one of such an issues. Nowadays, the digital currency has limited usability – AirBaltic, some e-shops, darknet markets, some pubs in Europe. Still, all that is incomparable with the usage of the fiat currency.  

Storiqa aims to find the solution to this problem.  This Blockchain-based marketplace, will allow vendors and manufacturers to reate their own e-shops, where customers can pay with cryptocurrency as well as fiat money.  The founders of the platform believe that soon Storiqa will be much more popular and attractive for the producers from all around the world. It gives an opportunity for small-scale producers to go global passing barriers such as high expenses for developing online shop and its maintaining.  

Unlike most of the e-commerce platforms, Storiqa does not require special programming skills, there is no middleman between customer and merchant, as well as there are no high commissions for payments and during 2 free months a seller will be able to try key platform features: goods localisation with help of community members (copywriters, photographers), support 24/7 in 8 languages, transparent review system and affiliate marketing (traffic monetization for bloggers with referral links leads to sales increase for sellers).  On the one hand, Storiqa has all necessary tools for effective business, and on the other, it is free from the most of the disadvantages, typical for the traditional e-commerce.

Storiqa is the marketplace platform powered by Blockchain. The goal of Storiqa is helping the local businesses to create e-shops in short terms, as well as integrate cryptocurrency usage in the e-commerce industry. Storiqa is based in Switzerland.

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