Narrative Launches Blockchain Based Social Network That Puts Revenue In Your Pocket, Not Mark Zuckerberg’s

    Narrative is launching the content economy, where creators, moderators and influencers contribute content, monitor the community, and receive the revenue they help create


     Narrative Ltd. is announcing the launch of its new content and social networking platform, in which community members make the rules and reap the benefits of their contributions. The Narrative project includes some of the team from Social Strata, the company behind customer engagement applications such as They are developing Narrative in order to give users the power to control the social network they help create.

    Today, social networks are run by monolithic corporations. These companies are the ones who make the decisions about the content posted on their network, and they pocket the revenues from the network’s activity. With Narrative, users are truly in control of the communities they help create. Narrative gives its user community an unprecedented level of control: they elect their own moderators, elect a “tribunal” that functions like a Supreme Court, and even decide which ads run on the platform. Content management on Narrative is performed by moderators who are elected by the users themselves, and all actions on the network are completely transparent. Through this system of content ratings and user reputation, Narrative minimizes the impact of “bad eggs” in the community.

    Narrative’s value is represented by cryptocurrency, and based on the Ethereum blockchain. However, users don’t need to know anything about cryptocurrencies in order to take part, and can even choose to receive rewards in fiat currency, rather than in existing tokens. Users earn money from any kind of contribution to the platform: writing posts and comments, posting images, and monitoring content.

    Blockchain allows the system to collect and distribute revenue with complete transparency. The value in the associated cryptocurrency also allows the network to be instantly funded, so that users are paid for their efforts, even while the network is in its infancy.

    Narrative’s platform includes three channels:

    • A personal journal where writers create their own content and write to their heart’s content, either for themselves or for their readers
    • Niches where users create content and participate in discussions, separated according to topic
    • Brands where organizations create discussions, and where the brand owners decide who can post content

    Narrative will hold an ICO for its NRV token on December 7, 2017, with Early Bird and presale phases prior to the official sale. Narrative has capped the ICO at 100 million tokens.

    “Narrative is the world’s journal, where users post content in an ecosystem that they control,” says Ted O’Neill, Founder of Narrative and Social Strata. “We’re creating a content economy, where creators, moderators, and everyone who positively influences the network gets rewarded.”