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Dubai Launches Blockchain Pilot for Academic Records


Spanning insitutions at all levels, an initiative to secure and streamline the exchange of Dubai’s digital academic credentials was launched on Monday by Educhain, which puts educational records on the blockchain.

The project will enable students to request and receive credentials secured by a blockchain network to an Academic Passport, the company stated. Documents can then be shared for school transfers, university applications and job applications.

According to Educhain, this will change the way academic institutions issue credentials, placing ownership of academic records into the hands of students and providing them with global mobility, while eliminating credential fraud.

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Mark Balovnev, CEO of Educhain, said: “This will be the world’s first large-scale pilot of blockchain in education, and the largest scale public/private sector collaboration across all levels of schooling. Blockchain will revolutionize how we issue, manage, and share digital records.”

Over 400,000 students are involved in the program, with institutions such as the University of Dubai, Zayed University, MENA College of Management, and Academia Management Solutions International, according to a press release.

“This pilot demonstrates that the value of blockchain stretches far beyond financial technology and can drive societal value and happiness in diverse areas such as education,” said Khalfan Belhoul, CEO of the Dubai Future Foundation, in a statement. “It represents one of the first significant steps in real implementation of blockchain and solidifies Dubai’s reputation as the blockchain capital of the world.”

Educhain’s website is

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