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Crypico Wants to Boost Crypto Adoption With Freelance Marketplace Accepting Multiple Tokens

On a mission to make it as easy as possible for employers or freelancers to pay or get paid in cryptocurrency, US startup Crypico announced on Monday the release of its freelance work platform. Free to use, it allows contractors to receive payments and complete transactions using any cryptocurrency. The project aims to increase adoption of the cryptocurrency ecosystem as a whole by providing increased liquidity for all market participants.

The Crypico platform integrates over 10 of the most popular cryptocurrencies on the market today, allowing for easy and safe transfer of funds between all involved parties, acccording to the company’s statement. It includes mechanisms for both bounty campaigns for getting the word out about different projects, activities, initiatives and an Airdrop platform designed to foster the greatest possible distribution of new and upcoming cryptocurrency tokens through free giveaways. 

Crypico Co-Founder Ty Smith said, in a statement, “The ability to earn cryptocurrency is vital to the success of its adoption. I hope Crypico can add value to the cryptocurrency community in the form of increased liquidity and adoption.”

The platform has a handy page for initial coin offerings (ICOs) and project discussions, by freelancers and aspiring entrepreneurs.

Crypico Co-Founder Ryan Mahaffey said, “Our vision is for a more globalized and better-connected economy where it’s easier for all parties to settle up their contracts with each other. Crypico will change the way freelancers and other service providers from around the world get paid.”

To use the service, freelance workers simply make a posting advertising their skills and services, name their price and the cryptocurrencies they are willing to accept, and can then instantly count themselves as a part of the emerging crypto gig economy. Hundreds of participants have already joined the Crypico marketplace, according to the company.

To learn more about Crypico, visit https://www.crypico.com/.

Alex Behrens
Alex started his professional career in a data analyst role at a global electrical components distributor before transitioning to work in the blockchain industry full time in 2017. He has performed research and analysis on multiple projects including traditional securities and cryptocurrencies, and has contributed to operational design for cryptocurrency mining and other entrepreneurial projects since 2015. Alex graduated from Ithaca College in 2014 with a BS in Finance and a minor in Politics.
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