Securing Sensitive Medical Data with Blockchain Technology

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PRESS RELEASE—Maintaining secure access to sensitive information is a challenge that keeps more than a few members of the medical information technology industry up at night.

The data kept, if released, has the potential to destroy patients’ lives while ruining the reputation of the breached company.

The problem is finding and implementing a security system that enables doctors, patients, and properly authorized third-party organizations access to the data without creating openings for potential security risks.

After raising $20M, REMME seeks to create a secure framework for user authentication for many industries, including Medtech.

Blockchain’s Role in Securing Personal Information

The Blockchain technology is form of open cryptography that leverages public and private keys to secure information alongside a publicly available registry that is managed in an automated and decentralized manner. Once encrypted, you need both the passcode and the private key to unlock the information making it possible for all the encrypted data to be taken and still be utterly useless to the thief.

There have been many practical applications of this technology of the last ten years, from digital currency to smart contract management [AC2] . For the medical industry, it is best considered a form of security decentralized data storage that gives both medical institutions and patients the ability to access their records anywhere in a secure and equitable manner.

Why are Passwords Not Enough?

Passwords are simple combinations of letters, symbols, and numbers that can be cracked by modern computers in relatively short time spans. Thanks to botnets, it is even possible to leverage millions of computers in an effort to find one password that will enable data thieves access to materials that, by both law and ethics, should never see the light of day.

REMME eliminates the use of passwords by leveraging a combination of specialized SSL/TLS certificates and blockchain public keys to authenticate the user before any information is transmitted. Thus, if the hacker isn’t using the right files on the right computer, it is impossible for him to get to the point where it is even possible to crack the password.

Swiftly Grant and Remove Access

A challenge with securing data in traditional settings is the fact that once it is copied onto a third-party medium it is beyond the reach of any IT department. Even if the file has password protection enabled, all it takes is a cracker to break it. By making access conditional to authentication from an updated blockchain, it is possible to remotely grant and remove access to all files in a way that guarantees information security.

REMME has developed an easy to use command line utility [AC3] that makes it possible to enable and remove access to specific token-backed files, in addition to changing ownership of those files on the fly. For employers, this means it is possible to guarantee that a former staff member loses access to all data upon termination of employment without having to violate his or her privacy during the corporate separation process. All it takes is one command and all relevant material can be transferred to someone else.

Guarantee Your Patients’ Privacy Today

The REMME team is actively developing the next generation of information security technology through the innovative use of the Ethereum platform. Its goal is to help eliminate the risk of security lapses common in medical institutions worldwide today, leading ultimately to increased trust among patients and medical personnel throughout the entirety of the treatment process.

Since our 2016 closed beta, we have taken into account changing client needs and new practices to guarantee the highest quality service at stable prices for all of our clients. Reach out to us to see how we can help your practice secure patient data today.

This paid press release has been provided by REMME. Visit for more information.

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