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Medicalchain Launches MyClinic.com Telemedicine Platform

UK healthcare blockchain company Medicalchain has launched MyClinic.com, a cross-border telemedicine platform that will enable patients to complete video consultations with doctors, and pay using MedTokens (/MTN).

According to a press release Wednesday, the aim is to build better relationships between doctors and their patients, especially when access to healthcare is difficult and to give patients the power to choose the best doctors to consult with, anywhere in the world.

“We are excited to share the first application, powered by Medicalchain,” said Dr. Abdullah Albeyatti, Co-Founder and CEO, Medicalchain in the statement. “MyClinic.com will be piloted with patients registered at The Groves Medical Practice and The Groves’ General Practitioners, from July 2018, and will be launched to the general public later this year.”

“We are working together with patients, health professionals and technology specialists to ensure that MyClinic.com will seamlessly integrate into current healthcare services, and provide patients with a better experience of healthcare,” added Mo Tayeb, Co-Founder and COO, Medicalchain.

MyClinic.com will incorporate Medicalchain’s blockchain based Health Passport, which utilizes Hyperledger Fabric to provide patients with immediate access to their personal health records and the ability to share them with whomever they choose.

Patients utilising MyClinic.com will be able to securely and instantaneously share personal health records with their doctor, the company said, from anywhere in the world, ensuring that every doctor has the information required to complete a thorough assessment.

Future Medicalchain applications will work in a similar way, according to the company. In addition to its telemedicine app, the company is also working on a health data marketplace that will allow patients to monetize their healthcare records by granting access to research companies, while maintaining anonymity.

In February of this year, Medicalchain announced the completion of its ICO, which raised USD 24 million.

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