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Gaimin Lets You Mine Crypto From a Gaming PC

Manchester, UK-based Gaimin.io has launched its AI-driven, crypto mining software platform, which promises to allow gamers to direct unused computing resources to passive mining of crypto assets, without affecting gaming performance, and without the need for any specialized crypto mining knowledge.

In a statement on Wednesday, Gaimin explained that its one-click, downloadable software will determine, in real-time, the most lucrative blockchains to mine to and automatically configure itself to work on these, while taking into account the capabilities of its user’s PC.

The platform automatically turns on after a period of inactivity and shuts off when the user interacts with their computer.

All earnings are exclusively accumulated in Bitcoin and Ethereum, using historical data and annual trends.

The platform also enables users to boost their hash power and benefit from network expansion effects through referrals.

Gaimin said that it’s aimed to combine different pieces of technology to create a new platform. While the individual pieces of technology are not revolutionary on their own, Gaimin says that by bringing them together, in a user-friendly way, it can change the cryptocurrency mining industry.

“Just like ‘Uber’ is a platform that connects cars and their drivers (supply) with people seeking a ride (demand) in a very efficient manner, Gaimin connects the GPU and CPU resources from the user’s gaming PC (supply) to blockchain mining pools (demand) in the most efficient manner possible, to mine cryptos,” said the company in a statement.

The company also said it intends to target and convert inactive or new gamers to crypto, rather than competing with existing mining networks or clients.

As a way to gain a passive income with minimum outlay, crypto mining on gaming PC’s is on the rise, and Gaimin is one of the first to offer software to optimize the process. In terms of hardware that’s good for gaming, as well as mining, and won’t blow the bank, Windows Central is recommending the Dell Inspiron 15 7000 Gaming. Just make sure whoever is paying the energy bills is on board.


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