How a Blog Post Can Break Silicon Valley’s Glass Ceiling


    Men make up more than 90 percent of the cryptocurrency space, as numerous surveys has reported. In Silicon Valley — the tech startup capital of the U.S. and a large proponent in the crypto industry — women hold only 11 percent of executive positions in companies.

    Tracy Chou wants to change that.

    In 2013, Chou — an engineer who has held positions at top-level tech companies — wrote a blog post that would help break the glass ceiling in Silicon Valley. “I had a lot of people flirting with me or hitting on me or giving me gifts. It was more than a year into working full-time when I first had the realization that I might be treated differently because I was a woman,” Chou says.

    Her Medium blog post eventually led to changes in how companies like Google and Facebook approach diversity through publication of employee diversity data. “Now that we’re having much more discussion around diversity, people who are having less great [sic] experiences understand that’s not necessarily them,” Chou says, “and that there are bigger structural problems that need to be addressed.”

    How a Blog Post Can Break Silicon Valley's Glass Ceiling
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