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New Blockchain Platform to Provide Digital Immortality


AnkhLabs has on Tuesday announced its initial coin offering (ICO) for a platform that will enable users to create a digital version of their identity on the blockchain. The company claims that its platform, BeANKH, uses blockchain and AI to make immortality a digital reality, using big data to create a ‘digital you’ focusing on essential personality traits.

AnkhLabs claims that the technology learns to replicate human thinking algorithms, decision-making patterns, and psycho-emotional attitudes in order to make an immutable record of the user that may continue after death.

“Blockchain technology is the missing link to digital immortality. Imagine being able to congratulate your grandchild on his graduation after you are gone or being able to preserve memories for Alzheimer’s patients. The potential applications are endless. BeANKH allows us to secure the future for you and your loved ones,” the company founders said, in a statement.

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During life, the company says the digital copy will act as a personal assistant, similar to Siri or Alexa, but without third-party interference. The assistant will be able to prioritize tasks and book appointments. After death, loved ones can “talk” to the person by speaking to their digital copy.

The platform will also include a digital “safe” to store documents, videos and cryptocurrencies, to be delivered post-death. Users can make their BeANKH tokens available to successors in the family or to the public via a “person gallery”.

The technology will use smart contracts on the Ethereum network and decentralized storage and encryption to protect the personal data. The ERC-20 tokens will be issued during the ICO with a public hard cap of 320 million BeANKH utility tokens, which can be used to make payments on the platform.

The company’s roadmap for the platform also includes a web portal and mobile app, 3D digital avatar functionality, natural language, camera usage for emotion capturing and the ability to connect to third-party applications.

Image by geralt. CC by 2.0

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