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Energi Mine announces latest partnership with solar energy specialists Jem Energy


Energi Mine, the blockchain platform that financially rewards energy-saving behaviour, today announced its partnership with Jem Energy, the renewable energy company specialising in solar energy products. The partnership will see Jem customers rewarded with EnergiTokens (ETK) for purchasing equipment for the generation and storage of renewable energy.

Jem Energy is a solar power specialist that focusses on the technology surrounding photovoltaic cells, offering a range of products from solar panel systems, thermodynamic water heating systems and solar battery storage. This partnership will see Jem customers receive ETK that they can spend within the Energi Mine platform. The tokens can be put towards energy bills, claiming discounts on electric car charging or even exchanged for fiat currencies.

Energi Mine is using ETK to revolutionise the global energy market through decentralisation and blockchain technology. The ultimate goal is to reduce global energy demand and carbon emissions by creating a system of financial incentives for businesses and consumers to save energy. This partnership marks a further expansion of the growing ecosystem of green companies that reward customers with ETK, allowing them to exchange their tokens for additional environmentally positive goods and services.

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James Rodwell, Director of Jem Energy, said: “At the moment the technology behind solar energy is progressing rapidly, as are the new battery technologies that underpin renewable energy. Therefore, given that we now have the ability to easily retrofit existing solar systems and energy infrastructure that is many years old, the incentivisation that Energi Mine can provide will succeed in nudging people towards making this active change.”

Energi Mine has announced several recent partnerships with organisations including Simply EV – a maker of electric car charging equipment, and Electra Vehicles – a UK company that provides commercial vehicle operators with clean, zero-emission solutions for their heavy goods vehicles. This expanding network of Energi Mine partners ensures that users of the Energi Mine app have a constantly growing range of goods and services they can both earn ETK from and spend ETK on, maintaining the feedback loop of positive reinforcement received from ETK as a financial incentive.

“The first step in the fight against climate change starts with the promotion of renewable energy options to consumers,” said Energi Mine CEO Omar Rahim. “This will allow us to lessen our dependence on the fossil fuels that so greatly harm the environment. People require financial – as well as ethical – incentivisation in order to alter their entrenched behavioural practices and our partnership with Jem Energy provides exactly this.”

“We have already seen that the government’s debasement of the feed-in tariff has had a negative effect on the use of renewable energy: rates of solar panel installations have plummeted to a seven-year low, in spite of the cost of installations falling by over 70%. Therefore, we need to replace this lost incentivisation so that people can make a financially prudent decision in turning to renewables.”

For more information about Energi Mine and its energy-saving ETK reward scheme, or to become a partner, please visit, follow on twitter at @EnergiMine or join the Energi Mine telegram group

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