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BlockSafe Technologies Rolling out SEC Compliant Security Token Offering

BlockSafe’s Revenue Participation Token Will Pay Passive Income to Token Holders


Blockchain cybersecurity company BlockSafe Technologies, has launched the presale round of their SEC compliant security token offering. The BlockSafe ERC-20 security token (BSAFE) is a revenue generating security token in full compliance with SEC securities regulations.

“Our mission is an important one, $9 million is stolen each day from individual wallets and the fear that this lack of security fosters is the single largest obstacle to mass consumer adoption of cryptocurrencies and the technology behind them”, said CTO Ram Pemmaraju. “BlockSafe will secure the blockchain ecosystem. We recently launched our pioneering app CryptoDefender, and are now looking towards the future and securing both exchanges and private blockchains.”

BlockSafe Technologies recently released mobile and desktop versions of their anti-malware tool CryptoDefender™ which secures individual cryptocurrency wallets from theft.

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CryptoDefender is the first of a three-tiered solution, which also includes ExchangeDefender™, currently in beta, aimed to protect the internal systems of crypto exchanges. “The last of our three solutions is BlockchainDefender, a solution that protects permissioned blockchains by enabling a company to add Authentication, Transaction Verification, Content Filtering, DDoS Mitigation, Load Balancing and a Secure Firewall. There is no other product on the marketplace that offers this level of security for blockchains,” said George Waller, CEO and Co-Founder of BlockSafe.

The current presale initiates a token offering seeking to raise $27 million in total funding with the STO planned for the end of this year. BlockSafe plans to use the funds to commercialize and market their blockchain security solutions.

BlockSafe has a patented cutting-edge technology that will address major cyber security challenges; the company is further supported by an experienced team that has worked together for the past 17 years, at BlockSafe’s parent company StrikeForce Technologies, Inc (OTC: SFOR), a leading provider of cyber security solutions for consumers, corporations, and government agencies. The StrikeForce relationship brings to bear millions of dollars in R&D and 17 years of advanced and tested cyber technology. BlockSafe has additionally assembled a team of reputable advisors spanning the cybersecurity and blockchain industries.

BlockSafe is the company that secures the blockchain ecosystem with a suite of solutions that protect against an array of cyber vulnerabilities. The company is headquartered in Edison, New Jersey. For more information, visit

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