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    New Satoshi on the Block Plans a ‘Reveal’ – Bitcoin Community Responds


    The “real” Satoshi Nakamoto could be about to reveal himself as the true inventor of Bitcoin. No not that one, or that one, that one or that one… but a new one who can be found at the website Satoshi Nakamoto “My Reveal”  from a company called Satoshi Nakamoto Renaissance Holdings.

    Oh, and there is a clone of the site conveniently posted at Madison Avenue PR firm Ivy Mclemore & Associates’ fresh blog post at  “Real Satoshi Revelation”. 

    He says his nickname as a kid was Shaikho — what seems to be a Pakistani name. He teased that he’ll disclose his real-life identity on Aug. 20. But we have to all endure another two days of teasing posts until we get the big reveal.

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    Meanwhile, the Bitcoin community was quick to trash the author and the whole intent behind this strange new player.

    Ivy Mclemore & Associates – is a three-man-band according to Linkedin with a VP who has a shallow history in crypto. 


    Satoshi Nakamoto Renaissance Holdings is claiming that this will happen in three instalments, starting today. It will include his real name, why he hasn’t moved any of his 980,000 Bitcoin, country of origin, and his plans for a “clean-slate vision” for the “rebirth” of “his” brainchild. The new Nakamoto says he’ll also explain the critical role that cyphers and encryption-related to Chaldean numerology played in his creation of bitcoin. He claims there’s a special reason why he chose August 18 to come forward. He also claims that he registered the domain on August 18, 2008.