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Cryptocurrency Education Company Cryptowisser Now Lists More Than 500 Exchanges

The cryptocurrency education company Cryptowisser has just expanded its free-of-charge Cryptocurrency Exchange List from 250 to 500 exchanges. The expansive list compares cryptocurrencies, fees charged, available funding methods, and the security and the user score of each exchange.

With more than 500 exchanges and individual reviews for all of them, the company is a market leader in the cryptocurrency exchange comparison niche. The company also lists cryptocurrency wallets, cryptocurrency merchants and cryptocurrency debit cards (such as Advcash.

cryptowisserIndustry giant coinmarketcap.com also has a cryptocurrency exchange list but only including 240 exchanges. Their list also does not present any of the detailed information that Cryptowisser does, but instead focuses on the trading volume of each exchange.

“In bull market times, investors tend to disregard the trading fees, as they are perceived as small amount subtracted from big profits. In the market we’re currently in, there’s a much greater focus on these fees. People are finally starting to realize that trading fees are important and in the long run, can add up to substantial amounts.”, says one of the Cryptowisser’s co-founders.

“We want to be a one-stop-shop for the people interested in cryptocurrency. If we had only listed the exchanges, then that ambition would have been flawed.”

Cryptowisser entered the cryptocurrency market in April 2018 with the ambition to open the doors to the cryptocurrency world to everyone. And, according to Cryptowisser, the first step in that ambition is to facilitate a person’s choice of cryptocurrency exchange, as that choice is also such a person’s entry into the cryptocurrency world. 

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