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    Smartlands to Digitise Own Equity; Unveils Plans For Security Token Offering in the US

    Smartlands will be selling 3.5% of its equity stake worth $1,000,000 through a security token offering in partnership with IIP Securities, a FINRA-licensed broker-dealer in the US


    Smartlands, a global security token issuance and investment platform, the first mover in regulated asset tokenisation, unveils plans to tokenise own Holding company, Smartlands Holding Ltd., and for the first time offer shares tokenised on the Smartlands platform to US investors. Valued at $28,600,000 (pre-money), the company will make 3.5% of its equity stake available to investors worldwide, including accredited investors in the US. Smartlands is looking to raise $1,000,000 and use the funds for global expansion, development of the newly released digital payment product Smartee, and distribution of the first Smartee Co-owner payment cards.

    “This offering is a part of our bigger strategy of bringing in investments through the sale of a 12% equity stake. Our funding target is $3,900,000, most of which we plan to achieve through traditional fundraising. While in talks with VC funds and crowdfunding platforms, we want to give our community, individual investors, and crypto enthusiasts, a chance to acquire a stake in Smartlands. For the first time, we’re making the tokenised shares issued on Smartlands available for the members of our US community and some other previously untapped geographies.” – says Ilia Obraztsov, Smartlands CEO. “We believe that tokenising own equity is the future of fundraising for startups. This mode of crowdfunding far exceeds other types of public offerings in speed, efficiency, and transparency at much lower costs, potentially bringing a much brighter promise of liquidity.”

    The security token offering will be conducted in partnership with IIP Securities, a FINRA-licensed broker-dealer in compliance with the Reg D, Reg S regulations. Digital securities issued on the Smartlands Platform will be available to accredited investors in multiple jurisdictions.

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    “We have plans to build a global digital banking ecosystem, and Smartee is a big part of it. Designed for highly diverse audiences, it’s a novel solution for digital payments and investing. With Smartee, users will be able to receive, store, and transfer EUR, GBP, USD and the most popular digital currencies in a friendly and secure mobile app with a built-in digital wallet,” – Yaroslava Tkalich, Smartlands CMO, adds. “The app is available for download from the Google Play Store (the App Store release is coming shortly). We already began to implement our Co-owner model, in which we allocate 6 million of Smartee shares to the first 1 million users who register an account and pass KYC. Soon we will begin distributing the physical payment cards and roll out new features”.

    All are welcome to review the offering and fill in the non-binding application at STO starting date TBA.

    Smartlands is a worldwide platform for the tokenisation of real economy assets by issuing security tokens. Smartlands Platform brings benefits to financial markets around the globe by providing a unique proprietary solution for fractional ownership in virtually any asset class, with a focus on higher-yield investments. Founded in 2017, Smartlands is based in London, UK. Like any investment platform, Smartlands cannot guarantee profits or revenues, and potential investors should obtain their own professional advice. For more information, please visit

    Smartlands-powered Smartee is a fully-featured digital payment service designed to cater to the financial needs of a global audience looking to improve their banking experience. Smartee will combine a multi-currency wallet, a current account, a payment card, and an ability to exchange crypto-to-crypto, fiat-to-crypto, and crypto-to-fiat in one friendly and secure mobile app. Additionally, users will get an opportunity to receive cash back and invest funds into diverse blockchain-based securities. For more information, please visit

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