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    Blockchain-Charged Browser Brave Explodes into the Internet Browser Race – Get Paid to Surf the Internet, Privacy Protected

    Attention and Personal Data are the New Gold

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    Get paid to surf online? The Brave browser now has almost five million regulars and 15 million have signed up to earn BAT tokens for watching ads on their browsers and participate in a unique tokenized economy that puts a value on attention and data.

    Move over Chrome, Brave is bravely changing the game.

    There is now a new free and open-source web browser option to work with that puts user sovereignty, control and privacy first along with creating new liquidity more justly.

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    The Basic Attention Token (BAT) is now being traded on the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange Binance. That means it’s liquid. That means it’s real money. You can sell BATs on the open market for fiat currencies.

    The internet is currently being crushed with traffic up 70 per cent due to billions of people online devouring data on the current Covod-19 virus.

    We are all now not only captives in our homes but also to a tsunami of digital information as many of us search for answers, look for work, talk to friends and spend more time on the internet.

    Google, has made billions selling our attention and data to advertisers and carving out a role in the middle of the advertising industry, sucking out the value to a relatively small group of shareholders. Why are we giving away our attention and data when organisations and brands are willing to pay for it if we so choose to share our value to them?

    Are you still letting Google Chrome follow you around?

    Blockchain Crypto fueled Brave is also bulletproof when it comes to privacy thanks to blockchain technology. Brave was founded technology rock star Brendan Eich – the guy who created JavaScript, co-founded the Mozilla foundation (Firefox) is now playing Brave Dave to Google Goliath.

    From next week on I will be busking with Blockchain News on the Brave browser and integrate my publication to a place that lets me put out a hat for tips, rather than sell annoying content and ads to an unnecessary broker that controls multiple markets from end to end.

    Google, Facebook, Linkedin Twitter et al. are all going to be flotsam in the wake unless they pivot to this new economic model. In a world jam-packed with data and distraction it’s turning out that attention and personal data are the new gold.

    Join me at Brave. Get a return on your attention and data rather than let others exploit it.

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