How Relevant is Bitcoin to the Gaming Industry?


In recent years the rise of the cryptocurrencies must have been recognized by almost
everybody due to its great success and popularity. Cryptocurrencies exemplify progress and
a new era of technical development. Bitcoin and its siblings have already impacted many
different industries around the world. Especially future-oriented and progressive industries
have made efforts to adapt the new blockchain based currencies as quickly as possible.

One of the fastest and most progressive industries is without a doubt the gaming industrie
which also pushes technological development forward in many ways. Better CPUs and GPUs
have improved the PCs in our homes and the gaming industry has always responded with
new innovative games with better graphics and improved mechanics.

Nowadays a regular smartphone is a potential gaming device and more and more games are developed all the time. The gaming industry is quick and constantly keeps track of trends, so it is no surprise that Bitcoin has not only been noticed but already been incorporated in many ways.

Online casinos, trading simulators or role play games, many of them already have options
of paying with Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. Some providers already have shifted
completely to cryptors: These casinos accept cryptos only.

There is now doubt that cryptocurrencies have already impacted parts of the industry and
will most probably become a crucial part of it. As the industry has been recording
commendable growth in its revenue, there is no doubt about an increasing rise of crypto as
payment method as well.

Crypto Casinos

One special part of the gaming industry in which payments not only have to be done
frequently but stand in the focus of the game, is the online casino industry. Online casinos
have quickly adapted the new digital currencies and found them to be the perfect way for
their industry. There are many reasons why cryptos fit perfectly to online casinos.
One reason is simply the anonymity and increased security that cryptos provide. As there
are many cybersecurity risks that appear on the internet and especially at online casino
platforms, security is key to a trustful procedure. According to some reports on cybercrime
more then 10% of users have faced problems like fraud and theft already.

Cryptocurrencies not only offer an extremely high security standard but also operate completely anonymously, which makes it hard for criminals to do their work.
Furthermore cryptos give room for innovation and encourage the industry to new
developments. As good casino platforms always aim to improve and feed the hungry users
with new games and innovations, cryptos pave the way to new terrain. As a feedback
reaction the more online platforms implement cryptos as payment method, the more
influence and importance the crypto market itself.
Providers like mBitCasino and have already shifted completely to crypto
payments and there are many more to follow.

Crypto Games

Another market which has been on the rise in recent years are so called crypto games.
These games come in different shapes and belong to different genres. Some games like
Bitcoin Hero are for instance focusing on the play with cryptos themselves. Bitcoin Hero is a
good way to get into the cryptoworld and learn the basics of Bitcoin trading.
The game is basically a simulator app for the smartphone or tablet so you can play it on the go. It gives you the possibility of gaining plenty of experience in a virtual market with real-time prices of assets. You can learn how to use tools to analyze the market and base the investment decisions on your analyses.

After learning and exploring the cryptomarket through the simulator you may as well start
to do it in real life and find a good trading website that allows you to invest your money.
With the experience you have gained on the simulator, you will have more confidence in
investing and managing your assets.

Other games have a more creative and playful approach to the cryptoworld. The game
Spells of Genesis for example is also a trading game but it works with virtual play cards. The player has to build a deck of cards and face different opponents, which will become
increasingly harder to defeat.

To boost your deck you can buy more cards and collectibles with cryptocurrencies. Naturally
the more people one defeats the more rewards one can earn. Spells of Genesis gives players the opportunity to play with crypto money and be entertained at the same time.


All in all one must say that Bitcoin and other cryptos have definitely become a crucial part of the gaming industry. As the new crypto games and online casinos that allow
cryptocurrencies as payment methods have been a great success so far, it is to be expected
that more will follow. It is just a question of time when a majority of the gaming industry has at least incorporated cryptos in their system.


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