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Ratio Finance to Launch on Republic


Ratio Finance is pleased to announce that it will launch its governance token, $RATIO, on Republic, the world’s largest crowdfunding platform. The sale will begin to take place in late January and allow investors in the United States and globally to participate. Ratio Finance is also pleased to announce that it has raised another $2.5M before the public sale, led by Republic Labs.

$RATIO controls the Ratio Finance Protocol, an advanced risk management framework on Solana to issue decentralized financial instruments.

The Ratio platform is designed to help investors visualize the risks they are taking when entering a specific LP position, which will aid traditional retail investors and crypto-native investors alike when balancing their risk portfolios. Furthermore, the quantitative outputs will be available for use in every DeFi protocol, allowing for protocols to help mitigate their internal risk. Finally, the data created could help onboard traditional hedge funds and institutional investors into the crypto space by allowing them to create diverse portfolios and allow for hedging against their risk. These options were previously unavailable due to the blockchain ecosystem’s lack of risk metrics and data.

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The Ratio platform was conceived to allow users to use their existing LP to take out loans while still gaining yield, thus potentially using their earnings to pay back debt. As more types of collateral become available on-chain, their risk will be assessed by the protocol’s native algorithms, which traders could use to make more informed decisions or create novel financial instruments. Participating in the governance of the Ratio Finance platform will let both retail and institutional investors help shape the future of open finance.

“We are excited to be working with Republic for our token distribution event for many reasons. Their compliance, commitment to excellence, and global network will help us distribute the $RATIO governance token to a wider audience which will contribute to the decentralization of our protocol” said Samiar Tehrani, CoFounder of Ratio Finance.

“Republic Crypto could not be more excited to support Ratio Finance as both companies have a focus on helping crypto native and traditional retail investors alike. That alignment was deeply built into the cultures of both institutions from the start. Clearly, this is just the beginning for Ratio as they quickly find themselves as a cornerstone within Fintech itself” said Andrew Durgee, Head of Crypto and Tokenization at Republic.

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