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Yesports Announces Global Teams ahead of Web 3.0 Esports Platform Debut on Polygon

Yesports has teamed up with Team Empire, Renegades, Talon Esports, BOOM Esports and Fact Revolution ahead of launching the world’s first Web 3.0 esports engagement platform (W3EP). The teams will be the first to debut their very own NFTs on Yesports. Yesports offers a Web 3.0 white glove service for esports teams that includes NFT design and launch support, as well as an NFT marketplace for teams and fans to engage with each other. The platform’s long term vision is to deliver an unrivaled esports-centric Web 3.0 platform through which fans can eventually participate in the emerging metaverse.

Seeking to onboard millions of esports enthusiasts to Web 3.0, Yesports is designed to encourage fan participation through greater engagement with Esports teams and allow tangible ownership of valuable and rare utility-first esports assets.

Yesports partner teams stand to gain access to a dedicated team of creators and strategists as part of the white glove service to help them design and build high-fidelity NFTs for their fans, as well as to ease their transition into Web 3.0. The teams are currently in the creative process of developing NFT packs, which are akin to virtual versions of physical trading card packs. These card packs will soon be available to fans of the respective partner teams.

“With our partnerships, Yesports becomes the world’s largest esports-focused NFT marketplace with over 16.5 million fans from the get-go and represents the beginning of a new generation in esports fan engagement – one that takes place in Web 3.0. We are excited to deliver real-world utility into the NFTs themselves and give them a multitude of functionalities well beyond just a beautiful collector’s item,“ said Sebastian Quinn, CEO of Yesports.

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The marketplace, built with a grant from Polygon Studios, creates a new, highly curated and focused venue for teams to release unique generative NFT packs or one-of-a-kind NFT collectibles on dedicated virtual team storefronts. Users can also expect to enjoy first access rights to exclusive NFT drops, multi-asset staking rewards as well as governance and voting rights by holding the YESP token, which will power the marketplace. Fans will also be able to buy, sell and trade various esports-focused NFTs all in one place.

Some examples of the perks that Yesports is exploring to provide holders of exclusive NFTs include community incentives like VIP access to private Discord servers, signed merchandise, and exclusive video content. Player AMAs, team training live streams as well as opportunities to play along with the team are some other examples of what is currently being explored with partner teams.

The esports sector is growing rapidly, and its global market revenue is projected to hit a staggering $1.62 trillion by 2024. The market also boasts one of the highest levels of engagement, with the global live-streaming audience projected to grow at a rate of 7.7% annually to pass the half-billion mark in 2022 and reach 577.2 million in 2024.

To commemorate the five partnerships, Yesports will be releasing Partnership NFT Collectible giveaways this week for each team, which unlock special fan access and perks. These NFT Collectibles are just a taste/teaser of what’s to come for when the Yesports marketplace launches with the exclusive drops. For more information and updates, follow Yesports here.

The team recently announced an oversubscribed seed round including top tier venture partners Zipmex, GTA Ventures, YBB Foundation, Kosmos Ventures, Kernel Ventures, Mozaik Capital, MEXC Global, Polygon Studios, NGC Ventures, Spartan, Alphabit, International Blockchain Monetary Reserve (IBMR) as well as George Samman and Proud Limpongpan as individual backers.

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