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0, one of the oldest, leading cryptocurrency exchanges, recently announced an update to its VIP and Market Maker tiered rebate scheme. Market makers can now enjoy maker rates as low as -0.012% in the MM tiers and a 0% Maker fee in VIP tier levels 10 and higher. With the new changes, now flexes the most competitive commission rate on the market.

The global exchange is taking aim at industry competitors by enhancing its VIP and MM tier systems and improving fee rates and rebates, offering greater flexibility and incentives for high-volume traders and institutional investors.

Enhanced flexibility

Remote Blockchain Education - Blockchain Partners

Cashaa’s VIP tiers offer a range of discounted rates to maker and taker fees on spot and futures trading. Previously, all users who got VIP tier by completing trading volume required various fixed amounts of GT (GateToken) holdings; this requirement has now been removed, and simply users’ last 30-day trading volume needs to be evaluated.

GT holding holdings are now one of three options for VIP upgrades.

VIP users can choose one of three schemes to upgrade VIP levels: 30-day trading volume, total GT holdings, or total asset holdings value. VIP traders only need to meet the requirements of one scheme to upgrade. Furthermore, as previously mentioned, VIP levels 10 and up now have a 0% maker fee on spot and futures trading, and several futures taker fees have also been reduced. For institutional investors, the offerings get better with maker fees below 0%, going as low as -0.012%.

The industry’s best rates for institutional investors

Launched earlier this month, its Market Maker Program aims to provide the industry’s best rebates to institutional investors of all types. With the new MM tier update, investors can now take advantage of spot market maker fees as low as -0.012% and futures market fees ≤ -0.01%. Also, new market makers will now be paired up with matching VIP and MM levels, inheriting the taker fee rate from their respective VIP levels.

Elin, the Head of Gate Institutional, said: “Market makers play a vital role in the markets, providing liquidity and stimulating growth. Our institutional services are tailored to reflect their importance. We remain confident that global market makers will experience the highest level of service and the most competitive offerings on We’re always looking for new ways to enhance our services to attract new investors”

Right now, the platform is running a $2,000,000 competition for market makers, and investors that switch from another exchange to, and provide proof of volume, are offered an immediate tier upgrade.

An unmatched level of service

Gate Institutional, the institutional investor services arm of, focuses on forging strong relationships, helping clients optimize their strategies, manage risks, and reap the benefits of’s competitive offerings. Through Gate Institutional, clients can take advantage of high-frequency and low latency server hosting, access discounts through the VIP and MM tier system, leverage up to 100x, and secure funding and loans.

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