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Parcl Expands Its Real Estate Frontier: Launches Additional Tradable Indexes for Major US Cities Including Austin, Chicago, Seattle, and Boston


Parcl’s market expansion increases access to investors seeking exposure to real estate prices via Real World Asset (RWA) Indexes

Parcl, the leading blockchain-powered real estate trading platform, announced today the launch of Austin, TX, to its ever-growing list of tradable city indexes. In addition to Austin, Parcl recently launched indexes for Boston, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Chicago, Seattle, Denver, Portland, and Washington, D.C., more than doubling its market pool for investors.

Parcl makes investing in an entire city’s residential real estate market possible, unlocking access to high-demand markets like New York, Los Angeles, and Miami. Parcl merges real estate and DeFi to amplify access and portfolio diversification opportunities for traders around the world.

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Adding Austin, one of the fastest-growing housing markets in the U.S., solidifies Parcl’s commitment to providing a broad spectrum of high-potential markets to traders. This increases investor access to 16 dynamic tradable markets and builds upon Parcl’s mission of increasing access to real estate investing on a global scale.

“Real estate is the largest asset class in the world – the largest investment many people will make in their lives. It’s also the market that has the lowest liquidity and the highest barriers to entry,” said Trevor Bacon, Parcl CEO and co-founder. “Integrating these high-demand markets signifies Parcl’s dedication to continuous growth, providing traders access to diverse and burgeoning markets.”

Built on Solana – a blockchain designed for decentralized, scalable applications – Parcl facilitates real-world real estate trades in real time. The platform’s rapid growth since its launch in February demonstrates significant market need for innovating around real estate investing.

“Austin’s integration provides traders with another dynamic real estate market to diversify their portfolio,” Bacon said. “This move is consistent with Parcl’s goal to enhance market access and user engagement, as evidenced by all-time highs in user activity, open interest, and trading volume on the decentralized trading application.”

The addition of more North American cities is on the near term horizon, with global cities following shortly thereafter. Parcl’s illustrated market growth builds upon its aspiration of becoming the simplest platform for global real estate trading, and illustrates its commitment to the core mission of making real estate investing accessible to everyone, everywhere.

Parcl is designed which features appeal to the modern investors, offering high liquidity, low transaction fees, and no minimum investment requirements. Traders can now trade real estate indexes as effortlessly as Bitcoin, Ethereum, or other crypto assets.

Parcl is a DeFi real estate trading platform revolutionizing the way individuals globally engage with real estate investment. Combining the strengths of blockchain technology with traditional real estate, Parcl offers a simple, efficient, and accessible real estate trading experience.

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