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CryptoMinerBros Celebrates 5 Years of Building the Future in the Crypto Mining Community


Founded in August 2018 and headquartered in Hong Kong, Crypto Miner Bros has become one of the leading crypto mining hardware distributors within five years of its launch. With a dedicated team of blockchain experts, e-commerce specialists, and crypto mining professionals, Crypto Miner Bros has become a reputable name in the crypto mining industry.

Crypto Miner Bros has built an incredible mining community that wholeheartedly believes in the company’s vision of making crypto mining accessible to everyone. The company’s progress and achievements would not have been possible without the invaluable support of the clients. Crypto Miner Bros is committed to giving back to the community by offering the world’s finest crypto mining tools and comprehensive end-to-end crypto mining solutions.

In August 2018, Crypto Miner Bros started as an E-commerce platform specializing in crypto mining hardware with a vision of providing miners with a positive crypto mining experience. Within one year of its launch, the company had already become one of the world’s most trusted platforms for crypto mining hardware. Crypto Miner Bros is endorsed by globally recognized brands such as Nicehash, Asic Miner Value, Crypto Compare, Whattomine, and CoinWarz. The company’s goal for the upcoming year is to continue making crypto mining accessible to everyone, spreading the benefits of this technology far and wide.

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Buying crypto mining hardware from a reliable source has always been challenging for international buyers. Crypto Miner Bros provides an excellent platform for miners by joining hands with reputed mining hardware manufacturers in China and Hong Kong. Miners can find all the reputed mining hardware brands from Bitmain to Canaan Avalon Goldshell, Jasminer, MicroBT, Innosilicon, and more on the Crypto Miner Bros website.

Entering its sixth year, Crypto Miner Bros focuses on bridging the gap between miners and manufacturers and getting quality crypto mining products to the global market. The company constantly strives to expand the mining community of Crypto Miner Bros in the coming year by introducing P2P (Peer-to-Peer) deals. Thus, miners can readily access advanced ASICs at better deals and enjoy hassle-free buying. The company also aids faster shipping to customers worldwide with its dedicated sales team. Though Crypto Miner Bros has an active international sales team, the organization plans to have dedicated technical support centers in every continent. Thus, the company can promptly ship the miners to any location and assist the customer with their queries. Besides, Crypto Miner Bros will continue to act as a reliable platform for all crypto miners with a rich source of information related to crypto mining, cryptocurrencies, blockchain, and other related topics. Moreover, the company’s dedicated customer support team will assist the customers 24/7 in setting up the ASIC or any hiccups customers may face with crypto mining.

Crypto Miner Bros, a leading Asic hardware provider, continues delivering high-quality products and services worldwide to all crypto mining enthusiasts. The company partners with reputed mining hardware manufacturers and deals with high-quality mining equipment to provide a positive mining experience to its customers. For more information visit Crypto Miner’s official website.

Crypto Miner Bros extends its heartfelt gratitude to its customers, stakeholders, and employees. Crypto Miner Bros promises to continue delivering excellent products and services in the years to come. Miners can look forward to Crypto Miner Bros for advanced mining equipment, informative videos, educational content, and, of course, 24/7 assistance.

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Whatsapp / Wechat / Call : +86-13530796464

USA Hotline: +1-806-305-324



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Crypto Miner Bros

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