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Bitcoin’s Soaring Ascent: The Current Rise to $47,336.00 Sparks Excitement as Experts Unveil Thrilling Trajectory from 2024 to 2030


In the wake of Bitcoin’s recent surge, reaching an impressive $47,336.00 today, the cryptocurrency landscape is ablaze with anticipation. Finder’s latest survey of 40 crypto industry specialists not only captures the current exhilarating climb but also unveils captivating predictions for Bitcoin’s trajectory from 2024 to 2030.

Bitcoin Price Predictions 2024-2030: What the Experts Say

Bitcoin, the world’s leading cryptocurrency, is set to undergo significant price movements, according to Finder’s latest expert survey. The report, based on insights from 40 crypto industry specialists, reveals intriguing predictions for Bitcoin’s trajectory from 2024 to 2030.

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Bitcoin’s Journey to 2030:

2024: The average prediction places Bitcoin at $77,423 by year-end. While optimistic experts foresee it surging to six figures, more conservative estimates suggest it might dip below its current value of around $40,000.

2025: Projections suggest a rise to $122,688, signaling continued bullish sentiment among experts.

2030: The long-term outlook is even more promising, with an average prediction of $366,935. This suggests substantial growth and confidence in Bitcoin’s potential over the next decade.

Several factors contribute to the optimistic outlook:

Institutional Interest: Major companies and institutional investors expressing interest in Bitcoin are expected to drive demand.

ETF Approvals: The approval of spot ETFs is seen as a game-changer, making Bitcoin more accessible for investors.

2024 Halving: The halving event, reducing the newly issued supply from 6.25 BTC to 3.125 BTC per block, is expected to create scarcity, traditionally leading to increased value.

US Federal Reserve Actions: Speculation about interest rate cuts by the US Federal Reserve in 2024 is anticipated to divert liquidity into Bitcoin.

Expert Insights and Divergent Opinions:

Optimistic Views: Experts like Kadan Stadelmann (CTO of Komodo) and Daniel Polotsky (Founder of CoinFlip) foresee Bitcoin’s potential to reach $80,000 in 2024, citing increased adoption, ETF approval, and the halving.

Cautious Stance: On the flip side, John Hawkins (Senior Lecturer at the University of Canberra) remains skeptical, viewing Bitcoin as a speculative bubble.

BTC Peak and Trough Predictions for 2024:

Peak: Panelists suggest an average peak price of $87,875, with some predicting highs of $200,000.

Trough: The average lowest price forecast is $35,734, with some anticipating lows of $20,000.

Is It Time to Buy, Sell, or Hold?

Buy: A majority (57.5%) of panelists believe it’s a good time to buy, citing increased adoption, ETF approval, and positive long-term prospects.

Hold: 37.5% suggest holding, emphasizing the recent SEC approval of the BTC ETF as a significant milestone.

Sell: Only 5% advise selling, indicating a strong belief in Bitcoin’s growth potential.

BTC Pricing Perception:

Underpriced: 54% of panelists feel Bitcoin is currently selling at a discount.

Fairly Priced: 33% believe Bitcoin’s current pricing is fair.

Overpriced: 13% think Bitcoin is currently overpriced.

Factors Driving Recent Price Increases:

Spot Bitcoin ETF Approvals: The majority attribute recent momentum to the approval of BTC ETFs, increasing accessibility for institutional investment.

Halving Anticipation: Expectations surrounding the halving, along with easing macro conditions and enhanced ETF access, are seen as positive price forces.

Will the Halving Trigger a Crypto Bull Run in 2024?

Over 50% of panelists: Believe the halving will contribute to the next crypto bull run.

Mix of Factors: While the halving is a key factor, experts also point to ETF approvals, macroeconomic conditions, and new narratives driving market growth.

Timeframe for BTC to Reach New All-Time High After Halving:

47%: Predict a new all-time high six months after the halving.

18%: Expect a new all-time high 12 months after the halving.

Meet the Panel and Methodology:

The survey involved 40 fintech specialists in January 2024, sharing their insights on BTC predictions.

The panel used a truncated mean methodology to ensure a more consistent result in their calculations.

Experts foresee a bullish future for Bitcoin, with key factors like ETF approvals, the halving, and increased institutional interest shaping its trajectory through 2030. However, diverse opinions highlight the inherent volatility and uncertainty in the crypto market.


Disclaimer: Cryptocurrencies are speculative and involve risks. Consider personal circumstances and seek professional advice before making decisions.
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